Thursday 15 March 2012

A happy photo to cheer up a bad year

As some of those who know me personally will know, this year has been pretty horrible so far, with the timely - even overdue - death of someone who had suffered for too long, and the untimely loss of one who hadn't even been born.

So I thought I'd post this photo, because it cheers me up. It is my youngest son and my youngest grandson (his nephew) taking a stroll together. It was taken last week-end, (and in case you wonder, Youngest Son nearly always dresses like that, even in the depths of winter).


  1. That's cute - can see why it would cheer you up.

  2. When I was little, my uncles liked to take us places, too. I was 6 before the first of our cousins was born, so we thought aunts and uncles were unreservedly ours.
    This photo would cheer up anyone, especially the mother of one fine fellow and the grandmother of the other!

  3. Sorry to hear the year has been bad for you so far. It has been quite the emotional rollercoaster for me, too, so I can imagine a bit how you feel.
    Reg. your son's summery clothes - well, he's English, after all, and therefore I am not surprised to see him in flipflops, with bare legs and arms, in early March! :-) Whenever I am in England, and the weather actually calls (at least for me) for woolly jumpers and jeans, I see the natives going about in skimpy tops and shorts, and even just looking at them makes me shiver with cold.

  4. It's a perfect picture of two lovely young men and it must make you feel very happy and proud.
    I hope the year gets much better for you after such a devastating start. And it's happy pictures like this that bring hope for brighter months ahead.

  5. What a lovely picture.
    I'm so sorry this year has brought such sadness x

  6. My first reaction was the realisation of how short a time I have followed you and therefore how little I know about you.

    My second was to wonder if your son was a Kiwi. I've never seen anyone in the UK dress like that in March never mind in the winter. But then I do live in Scotland.

    Having said that it's a lovely photo.

    I hope life improves for you.

  7. Nice picture! I am sorry you have had such a lousy year.

    Your son is still warm enough to be warm blooded. I am always amazed by the teenage girls I see on Friday night in dead of winter without even coats to cover their strapless dresses.

  8. Love the cute photo - especially since I should be a gran for the first time by this summer!

  9. I love images like this and all that they conjure up. It's very tender.

  10. Thanks, Patsy.

    Thank you, Kay.

    Thank you, Arian. And welcome!

    Librarian, I'm sorry you too have had problems. It's funny how everything seems to happen at once.

    Thank you, Joanna. That's what I'm hoping!

    Thank you, Teresa. Those two get on very well,despite the slight disparity in size!

    GB not many people know about the events of this year as they aren't all mine to publicise. Suffice it to say that family members have suffered, and I have felt pretty helpless. As for the son, no, he's not a Kiwi even if he looks like one from behind

    Hi Jenny. Yes, it's odd, isn't it. He's very fit, so maybe that keeps him warm!

    Rosemary, how exciting!

    Thank you, Deborah.
    HimJdnny. Yes. It's odd, isn't it

  11. PS please ignore the last line of the above post
    Printing error( sorry, Jenny!).

  12. That's wonderful, Frances. I hope the sun shines for you soon.

  13. Lovely photo - no wonder it puts a smile on your face. Sorry about the bad times.