Friday 30 March 2012

Open letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Mr. Cameron

Might I respectfully request that you advise people against panic buying/stockpiling my novels?

Yours etc....


  1. Thanks, guys. I've sent a similar letter to The Times (I have quite a good strike record with them), but of course, it won't be published. Free advertising you see (ts ts). Actually, it wasn't for any advertising, but because I think the government have been staggeringly incompetent over the fuel "crisis". I could have handled it better myself!

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  3. He he, I have bought the Kindle editions of both, but since I am a German citizen living in Germany, Mr. Cameron can advise what he wants, I will not listen to him ;-P

  4. Absolutely brilliant idea, Frances.

  5. Great idea - hope your letter is published, Frances. What a total mess his irresponsible comments have caused.

  6. Brilliant!

    I tried to leave a comment here earlier - but blogger wouldn't let me! Fingers crossed...

    Anna :o]

  7. Worth a try, Teresa! (Personally I'm panic eating cake - if there's no fuel how will I get to the shops to buy more flour and eggs?)

  8. Great idea Frances, I've already started, though, I'm not storing them in the kitchen for health and safety reason as I have a gas cooker.

  9. Thanks. Patsy.

    Librarian, count yourself lucky!

    Thanks, Lynne.

    It wasnt' Rosemary (or not so far). But then I didn't expect it to be!

    Thanks, Anna (it worked!).

    Mr.V, you have a lovely smile!

    Joanne, indeed it is!

    Patsy if you panic eat cake, wil; you fit into your wedding dress...?

    Of course he won't, Colette. They never do.

    Thanks Jarmara ( although not sure I understand the bit abotu the gas cooker..?).

  10. Well, then Frances, you haven't heard about the poor lady who had petrol in her kitchen and was pouring some in a jug from a can for her daughter when they were cooking. I'm sad to say she in now in hospital badly burnt.

    Which is why I'm not keeping my piles of books in my kitchen when I run out of space because of the naked flames and paper risk. (Tongue firmly in cheek)

  11. "Mr.V, you have a lovely smile!"

    Thank you Frances. You're quite a cutie yourself.

  12. Of course, Jarmara - sorry.

    Aw, Mr.V - you do say the nicest things!

  13. That's funny.
    I needed a chuckle today. Thanks!