Wednesday 7 March 2012

Things I have learnt in the past week

1. That an iPad held at approx waist-height then dropped edge-first onto a bare foot can cause considerable pain.
2. That having a flu kind of virus can make the patient (me) very bad-tempered in the aftermath.
3. That it take three people to change the new light bulbs in our kitchen. John, to discover how difficult it it; me, to try ( and fail) to show him how it should be done; finally, clever Dave from next door to show us both how it should be done, and do it.
4. That if you lose the only key to your (my) very elderly Ford Ka and are stranded some miles from home, it takes a little man four hours to arrive and make a new one.
5. That said key costs more than the value of the car. £160, no less.
6. That things don't necessarily come in threes.


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  2. 7. Being an emergency car key maker is a very lucrative business.

  3. Thank you for sharing this with us. A lesson learnt, Frances without the hassle for us anyway. Hope your foot gets better soon

  4. That was a bad week, Frances. But to consider it a week of lessons is a marvellous way of looking back at it. I'm shocked about the cost of new car keys! That will teach me to be more careful with mine.
    My week included some driving practise with my middle daughter, during which she insisted on trying out a three-point turn in a narrow school road with cars parked both sides. Why didn't I stop her? All I can say is she is very strong-willed! She crunched into the side of a parked car and broke the light on ours. I left a note on the windscreen and the owner rang us, delighted at our honesty. I still had to pay him £300 for repairs, though.

  5. . Librarian, you seem too organised to lose car keys!

    Thanks, Jarmara. At least the iPad is ok.

    Joanna, I sympathise. Teaching our kids to drive comes second only to potty training ( though at least the latter doesn't usually harm any third parties).

  6. Yes - I've had weeks like that too! You have my sympathies... And I'm going to train as a replacement car key maker!!

  7. Ah Frances, again you have managed to bring a smile to my face. Thank you x

  8. Pat, brilliant idea. How on earth can a key cost that much?

    Diane, it's good to know I've mean managed to cheer someone up. In fact, the last week has included a great sadness that puts all the other trivia in the shade. Not sure it's suitable for a blog, though. Maybe...

  9. What a week! I sympathise with the kitchen light bulb - ours are horrific to change and I know husband is going to get more anoyed every minute trying to get it done!

  10. Your week is not being kind to you, Frances. Let's officially decree that next week starts today...

  11. Rosemary, maybe we should go back to candles...

    Thanks, Alis.

    Colette, I doubt whether I shall learn from them, though. I've already forgotten how to do the lightbulb.