Thursday, 2 November 2017

Trial by media

I am absolutely appalled at the treatment of Kevin Spacey and others in the press and other media in the latest spate of sex accusations. What have we come to? Whatever happened to innocent until proved guilty? "Sleazy Spacey" was the Sun's headline, and even the Times had a front page photo and half page spread.

Now, I have no idea whether or not he's guilty, but whatever the final verdict, the affect on his career, his life and his family will be devastating, as it will be with Fallon et al. And of course, if they are found to be guilty, they must pay the price. But what if they're innocent?

Meanwhile, "unnamed" individuals come forward with more accusations, for their anonymity is of course protected. I am no defender of sexual offenders. In my many years of counselling, I came across a great number of people who had been seriously sexually abused, and many cases were quite heart-rending; lives and relationships destroyed for ever. But it is because crimes such as these are so serious that we should be very careful about how we treat suspects before they are convicted.

As for the lesser offences, is there any woman alive who hasn't  had an uninvited male hand on her knee? (I have, and worse).  Very unpleasant, I agree, but hardly on the same level as sexual abuse. And it's usually perfectly possible to move away.


  1. Yes, it is getting ridiculous !

  2. As a New Yorker, I find that I'm appalled at the apparent complete disappearance of the concept of "innocent until proven guilty" (presumably by a court of law). I mean, seriously... I know that there is such a thing as sexual harrassment, and there are people out there who are rapists and murderers and the rest. But now, any random woman can point her finger at a male celebrity and they immediately lose their job and livelihood, without so much as a trial? It's the Salem witch trials all over again. Do I think that actual sexual offenders should be punished? Yes! But how about we have a little bit of legal proof? All the women who slept with people to get something they wanted, and now feel remorse about it, can just say "He forced me"? It just seems all wrong. Without due process, it's wrong.

    1. I totally agree, Mrs. Slapthing. It's disgraceful.