Saturday 18 September 2010

Dragons and house points

My grandchildren seem to get a huge amount of homework, much of which seems to be done with the aid of the internet (I think this is cheating, but apparently everyone does it). Triplet-sitting last weekend, I had a distraught Phoebe, who couldn't download a Welsh dragon for her homework on Wales, because the printer wouldn't work.

No problem, I told her (we'd had enough tears for one day). I would draw one (I'm a hopeless artist, but needs must etc). So I copied this dragon off the internet, and Phoebe painstakingly filled it in with bits of red sequin, and bingo - a sparkly red dragon. We were rather impressed with ourselves.

Yesterday evening, Phoebe phoned to say that we had been awarded not one but TWO housepoints for our dragon. I feel quite chuffed. Who needs to publish a new novel when they can get housepoints for Welsh dragons? (I do, actually, so back to work...)


  1. That sounds much more immediately satisfying than writing a novel. I might make one too.

  2. Grandma to the rescue! This is deeply impressive Frances. I'm taking notes...

  3. Hi, Aliya. Yes - I rather enjoyed the dragon, and it didn't take qutie as long as a novel.

    Alis - it was in the interests of the avoidance of tantrums, and therefore not quite so impressive! But I enjoyed the house points. A bit like the occasion ages ago, when I explained onomatopoeia to another grandson, aged about 6. We both received a commendation when he explained it to his class. I seem to be better at sucking up to their teachers than I ever was with my own...