Tuesday 7 September 2010

New year's resolutions revisited

An odd subject for September, but I thought I'd have a look at the resolutions I posted in January, and see how I've been doing. The news is not good.

1. Write every day - no (unless I include this kind of thing).
2. Write to death row prisoner every fortnight - yes (almost).
3. Do one horrible job a week (clear out drawers; that kind of thing) - no. I just couldn't face any of them. Though I did wash all my jumpers today Ready For The Winter. I've never done that before. Must be an end of WIP thing.
4. Stop wasting time on the internet - no.
5. Cut down on alcohol. Hmmm
6. Keep a notebook to jot down ideas - no. Never even bought the notebook.

I'm rather disappointed, actually.


  1. The whole notebook thing is interesting. All writers are supposed to have one, aren't we, in case of emergency idea-jotting down scenarios.
    I rarely have ideas in the abstract, only obsessional thoughts about whatever the current work is (for which I do carry a notebook) but,
    when I've tried the 'write down anything interesting you hear or think' thing I almost invariably look back at it later and wonder 'what the hell did I mean by that?'!!
    Consequently, the notebook I carry tends to be full of rather prosaic things like shopping lists and the titles of books which I've seen in Waterstones, can't afford and want to ask for as a birthday/Christmas present!
    As for New Year's resolutions - I never make them. Failure is far too depressing!!

  2. Don't be too downhearted. I'm sure most of us out here have the same feelings of frustration.
    I had a notebook given to me for Christmas. It's still in pristine condition.

  3. Hi Alis, hi Keith.

    Ah. The notebook. I never learn. I still do that thing where I have a wonderful idea; an idea so marvellous/witty/original/ unfogettable (ha) that I don't bother to write it down. Because there's no way I shall forget this amazing idea.

    The next hour/day or whatever, it's gone. Vanished. And like the something-you-were-just-going-to- say (but have now forgotten), it takes on a whole new importance that it probably never had before.

    Keith - please can I have your notebook?