Monday 13 September 2010

Sticky-backed plastic and burglars

I've spent the week-end looking after the triplets, which was great, except for the prodigious amount of homework they have (they're only 9) and the covering of books with sticky-backed plastic. I had never met or even heard of this awful substance (if you haven't either, think big selotape), but all their exercise books had to be covered with this stuff. By Monday. We managed to borrow some, and get help. And then just before bedtime, third child anounces that she too needs her books covered. So - we get out the last of the SBP, and roll it out, and it sticks to everything; hands, clothes, the worktop and, worst of all, in the best selotape traditon, itself. I managed to cover two books, badly, and there was no SBP left.

Then there were the meltdowns over the homework itself, and everyone - including me - managed at least one tantrum. By bathtime, I was reminding myself that no-one had died, on the whole it had been a lovley week-end, and nothing lasts for ever, but I never ever want to see SBP again.

And burlgars. On the way home, I heard the startling statistic that 84% of burglars are deterred by a house alarm. What I want to know is, how did anyone find this out? Presumably if you're a successful burglar, no-one knows you're a burglar at all, never mind gets to interview you.

Also on the way home, I heard someone using the word "premiumistic". What is the world coming to?


  1. I didn't know there was a stage prior to miumistic.

  2. Well, Nevets, you learn something new every day!

  3. Which makes me fall all postmiumistic from head to toe.

  4. Never heard of sticky backed plastic - where were you when Blue Peter were using acres of the stuff to cover the known world?!!

    Sounds as if you've done a great job on the triplets' books - they're lucky to have such an involved grandmother. Hope the parents had a great time on Ibiza!

  5. The parents had the kind of week-end you can only dream about. Friends of theirs flew 38 people out for an all-expenses-paid celebration. Canapes by the pool, dinner in quaint little restaurants, a day on board a clipper (just for thme) with lunch served and swimming off the boat (which is my favourite thing in the entire world).Am I jealous? Don't ask. I just wish I had friends like those!