Thursday 16 September 2010

Favourite books

Aliya has recommended some of her favourite books, and invites others to do the same. Here are ten of mine:

Brothers (Bernice Rubens)
A Fine Balance (Rohanton Mistry)
Doctor Thorne (Trollope)
To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee))
The Black Prince (Iris murdoch)
The Tin Can Tree (Anne Tyler)
How Many Miles to Babylon? (Jennifer Johnston)
Strange Meeting (SUsan Hill)
Small Island (Andrea Levey)
The Road Home (Rose Tremain)


  1. Hi Frances - interesting list. What does it say about me that, although I possess the Levy book, i have only actually read the Rose Tremain? All those famous authors whose books I don't like... deary me! Actually, I do like Susan Hill and Anne Tyler but haven't read those particular books and To Kill a Mockingbird has been waiting for me to read it for years! Maybe this'll be the kick I need to get on with it...

  2. Hi Alis. I recently re-read To Kill a Mockingbird, having read it years ago. The Tin Can Tree is one of Anne Tyler's earliest; the beautiful, sensitive story of a family in the aftermath of a child's death. It's one of those novels which really make me wonder why I bother at all!

  3. Thanks for doing, Frances! I'll definitely be checking them out.


  4. My pleasure, Nik. Though narrowing the list down was pretty difficult!

  5. Oh I know what you mean - I just did the first that came to mind (which were the ones, mostly, I've recommended to people over and over). Nice that there are so many though, eh!

    And lovely to meet you!