Sunday 3 October 2010

The joys of babyhood

Just a quick post to counterbalance the rather sombre one about old age. This (his parents assure me) is a smile. Well, he looks pretty contented. And, of course, he's gorgeous.

Back to the 2nd draft...


  1. Having been away I hadn't read the one about old age - but I echo other people's comments about your caring. You may not feel you're doing much but you are. Most people would just stay away.

    But what a lovely antidote this is to that end-of-life sadness - a beautiful smile from a grandchild. Wonderful...

  2. What an adorably composed little star. :)

  3. Hi, Nevets. Yes - he's amazingly good. His parents have got him well and truly Gina-Forded (have you heard of Gina Ford? She's a military-style nanny who's written a severe owner's manual for new parents. My daughter and I scoffed and ridiculed when we read her book, but by the time daughter's triplets had been howling non-stop for about 6 weeks, she grabbed Gina and found salvaation. Having said that, some of Gina's ideas are a bit wacky, but the system seems to work).

  4. A handsome chap. He looks as if he knows something we don't.