Tuesday 14 February 2012

Fuzzy-Bear loves Cuddly Boo

Every year, I wonder why it is that some people find it necessary to pay good money to publish a little Valentine message in the newspaper. It doesn't look pretty, and presumably if your beloved is looking on the Valentines page, it isn't a surprise, either.

In today's Times we have Neil's message to Nicola: he is "very sorry" but loves her "SO MUCH". Buns wants to go on "papoosing" with Baby Ping. James is begging his "little German friend" not to go to Bristol (well, at least it's not back to Germany). Pretty Face loves Sweetcheeks; ditto Chimp and Dozzle. And so on and on and on...

Since these messages mean nothing (presumably) to anyone other than the happy couples in question, why spread them about? I don't care whether people's little German friends go to Bristol or whether Neil is sorry. Neither, I suspect, does anyone else.

Perhaps I'm just an old cynic. (But I did receive a Valentine.)


  1. Ah you see, that's because they're not Valentine's Messages at all, Frances, they're code words and phrases for secret societies, serial killers and MI6.

    Valentines Day just happens to be the busiest day of the year for all of them!

    (How are you btw - apologies for not replying via the gmail-vine but it's been busy up my way since Christmas...)


  2. Yes, they're too silly, Frances—the messages, the people who send them, and the people who read them. However, I can't knock any revenue source for the print media any more, because newspapers need all the help they can get.

  3. One thing about such messages - they were thought about in advance and the people concerned went to a little trouble to write them out. Isn't that better than grabbing a card and wilting flowers from the garage on the way home?

  4. Matt could be onto something. The German friend is probably meeting his controller in Bristol.

  5. I agree. I have never really participated in Valentine's Day. But that's because I have rarely been the object of anyone's secret desire, I guess!
    The thing I don't understand about it is that I always thought it was a way of disclosing, albeit anonymously, your heartfelt passion for someone who might be unaware of it.
    But now it seems that long-term and established partners/lovers/Sweet-Cheeks/Cuddly-Bears exchange cards etc as well.

  6. Hi Matt! How nice to hear from you. How are you? and has the new addition arrived yet? (I'm sure you're right about the spies, and of course that explains everything. Now why didn't I think of that?)

    Good point, Kay!

    Patsy, you're right. I saw so many men yesteray scrambling for the last bunches of wilting roses!

    Colette, I think we may have uncovered a major national threat. Should we tell someone?

    Joanna, I fear it has become what my mother used to call a "commercial racket". But I'm sure it does make a lot of people happy (and a lot of others very disappointed!).

  7. Hi Frances
    Yep, number two son arrived in October - cue sleepless nights augmented by needy first son. It's been chaotic but I've still kept up the writing. To be honest it's the only thing keeping me sane right now!

  8. Completely agree, Frances - but I also agree with Patsy. Each to their own, I guess. For all that I wanted to mark the occasion on my blog, we do nothing more than exchange cards.

  9. Belated congratulations, Matt! Why didn't you let us know? You must come to the next lunch - we've missed you!

    Rosemary, you're right. A balanced approaach is best. I think I got carried away by all those odd messages (sorry Patsy)!

  10. Lucky old you receiving a Valentine card. We did go out to a nice lunch though. My word verification is 'comatiz' - how I felt when I came back!

  11. Aww Sweetcheeks, you promised you wouldn't tell.