Tuesday 28 February 2012

'Mrs. Stott has passed away...'

...has received the nicest response so far from a cold caller. He was very sorry, and rang off. 'Passed away' (not an expression I like or normally use) seems to work better than 'died'. Interesting.

(Frances Stott is my alter ego)


  1. That's language for you, isn't it? I love the English language and all its subtleties.

  2. I hope it wasn't Titch's fault you died.
    I've put "Deceased, return to sender" on envelopes, but haven't yet told callers I'm dead.
    So many "callers" are machines anyway. Today there was one on my answering machine. It said, "Hello? Hello? Well, I'm glad you're listening, because the credit card companies aren't."
    All I had to do was hit "erase"!

  3. Strangely, some people do seem to like 'passed away'. When I say,'die' or 'dead', I can sometimes detect a chill creeping up their spines.

  4. Oh how I hate cold callers and simmer with anger once they start their "Hello I'm Andy - how's your day?" thing as if they know me very well.

    What I want to know is how they get my number (ex-di and TPS)?

    I shall have to play the "I'm sorry she has died" ploy and hope for a similar response!

    A friends game is to bust into (fake) tears and tell of the demise of his cat - this seems to work too.

    I think I must have a confrontational streak in me as I prefer to argue points...

    Anna :o]