Saturday, 25 February 2012

Horse diaries

We returned from a lovely ramble - okay, dance - round the fields in the sunshine this morning. Titch had stopped shoving me round his box and was nuzzling my face.

Me: What do you want?
Titch: Well, since you're offering, a bit of grass? Just ten minutes? After all, it was my birthday yesterday (it was) and you forgot ( I did).

So I slip on his head collar, and hold the rope while he grazes on the patch of grass by his stable. With the sun on his back, he looks very cheerful

Titch: (between mouthfuls) So have you decided what to do with me yet?
Me: Not really. I suppose we could stop tearing about and concentrate on our flat work.
Titch: You mean, all that going round in cIrcles, and sideways and backwards, like some silly mare?
Me: That's about the sum oif it.
Titch: Boring.
Me: Too right it's boring. They do it in the Olympics, though.
Titch (brightening. He'll do anything for a bit of fame) : Are we good enough?
Me: We're both hopeless, and you know it.
Titch: Shall we just carry on as we are, then? I like it here.
Me: I like it here, too.

And this is so true. After the kind if week I've had (absolutely appalling. Don't ask), being around the horses and the horsey people makes everything so much better.

Titch (who can be quite wise sometimes, and who knows me well): I thought so. Got any carrots in the car?


  1. The Keep-Titch-faction of your readers will be pleased to read this! (I know I am)

  2. Oh, yes, I've just joined the Keep-Titch faction after a good deal of fence-sitting. I might not go so far as to say he loves you for yourself, but I think he loves you as a food source. (Cats can be that way, too.)
    Always love the horse diaries, too, which would be nothing without Titch.

  3. Unlike having a Gigolo/Boy Toy to amuse you, this naughty piece of Eye Candy might make you look a little daft but you won't catch any STD's:)

  4. It's lovely news that you are keeping Titch.

    It really struck a chord with me when he asked if you could keep things as they are. I've discovered lately that this is often the best policy. Changes can bring regrets. If something works well, even if it's not perfect (and not much is), then it's often best not to make the move to pastures new.

    Horses talk a lot of sense sometimes. And I would have missed him!

  5. I could cry - I am so HAPPY you are keeping him :-) x

  6. Librarian, I may have to to tell him he has his own fan club!

    Kay, I have no illusions on that score. If it were a toss up between me and carrots, I wouldn't stand a chance.

    Very good point, English Rider!

    Thanks, Joanna. But I may get myself a new back protector!

    Teresa, you are sweet! Thanks.

  7. Aw - of course you need Titch in your life, just as he needs you. And we need the diaries!

  8. Animals have a wonderful way of making you feel so much better after an awful week. Seems Titch did the same for you.