Thursday 5 April 2012

E is for Experiment
 in the Edinburgh Mating Pandas Experiment. The fertility window for a panda is apparently two days per year, but is about to close, with the relationship unconsummated. We are told that the happy couple spent those vital days "wresting, playing roly-poly and doing handstands". Aaaaah. Reminds me of my own honeymoon...


  1. Wow, so your husband is big, cuddly and hair too. Lucky you :-)

  2. Yes, I too was wondering which one was you in this delightful honeymoon snap

  3. You've really made me laugh, Frances. Many thanks. x

  4. Well that's perhaps the shortest, funniest, educational and most revealing post I can recall. The mind boggles.

  5. You did handstands??

    I can't believe they only have a 2-day window. No wonder it's such a big event when a baby panda is born.

  6. Great quip, Frances! The poor pandas were only getting to know each other, maybe they should have been introduced a bit sooner so friendship could have turned to lust in time.

  7. No comment, Jarmara...

    Ditto, Jenny!

    Thank you, Joanna!

    Thank you, GB, not least for raising the tone of the comments!

    Yvonne, of course we did handstands. What did you do?

    Rosemary, that's what I thought. I think the keepers were expecting (current) human behaviour...

  8. Oh this is excellent!

    A bit miffed to discover we did our honeymoon all wrong though...

    Anna :o]