Wednesday 11 April 2012

J is for Jillaroo

I bet you never knew there was such a thing did you? Neither did I. But there you go. It/she is the female equiivalent of a jackaroo. They do things to sheep in Australia, on horseback. Here is part of the job description:

"Set off the beaten track (literally!) your stay out on the ranch will see you befriend your own horse, learning everything from riding to talking to cattle mustering with your new four legged companion. Add to this lassoing, cattle wrestling, cattle branding and building plus enjoying meals by campfire and star light and your experience as a Jillaroo or Jackaroo is complete!"

Don't you wish that could be you? Mmmm. Me too. The one in the picture appears to be swimming with a horse. Titch was appalled. "You won't catch me doing that!" he said. "Well, nobody's asking you," I told him. It's high time Titch learnt that not everything's about him.

He's still waiting for me to include him in the A to Z challenge, and was disappointed that H wasn't H for Horse. But he'll have to wait.

I can probably fit him in somewhere.


  1. She looks like she's having fun, that's for sure. I learned a new word and Titch better watch out or he'll end up under M.

  2. No I didn't know there was such a thing!
    Oh you must fit Titch in! The Titch Appreciation Society will be upset if you don't ;-) x

  3. When I only saw the word appear in your headline on my dashboard, I instantly thought, "this sounds Australian" :-)
    Hmmm I am not sure I would like to be a Jillaroo. It looks fun on the picture but I am sure there is also a lot of discomfort, no daily access to a nice hot shower, some insect bites and a sore bum for the unexperienced rider.
    (Yes, I am a sissy)

  4. That does look like a fun job - apart from the insect bites, as Librarian says. Mosquitoes seem to spot me (smell me?)the instant I step out of air conditioning.

  5. Well, I'll be really honest and say I'm glad I'm not a jillaroo, Frances. It bothers me even having to sit on a very placid pony. :D

  6. Jillaroo. Hmmm. I smell a tourism catchword. You have to hand it to the Aussies!

    For the Mozzie haters I think that generally in the Outback you'll be safe enough from those little still-water-loving fellers. However in some places the flies will have you reaching for your hat with the corks on it in a hurry. Sorry Meike sore bums are part of the territory. Oh and don't worry about the showers. Everyone smells the same after a few days. Seriously, though, the Aussies do this well and a lot of the outback camps for tourists have showers.

  7. Wow - that sounds... exciting! In the days when I had more sense of adventure. Looking forward to Titch's star turn.

  8. Yvonne, how COULD you!

    Thanks, Teresa (tho' he doesn't deserve it).

    Librarain, my daughter-in-law has just told me that if oyu take vitamin B tablets, you won't get bitten. Hmmm. Not sure, but worth a try?

    Hi, Biddy. The above (about bites) apparently particuarly applies to mosquitoes. I always get bitten. Husband, never.

    Jenny, I think it might be rather fun. Sadly, I'm too old for that kind of career change!

    GB - "everyone smells the same after a few days". Typical man!

    Thanks, Rosemary. I'm keeping Titch waiting (I suggested L for Loser - he was not successful on the racecourse - and he sulked for a week).

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  10. Thanks Frances. I'm not sure it was meant to be a compliment but I've never been described as a typical man before.