Saturday 14 April 2012

M is for Mohair

Mohair does not come from mos
(Because there's no such things as those.)
You get your fluffy scarf or coat
By shaving an Angora goat.


  1. Ah but there is such a thing as a Mo. Mo was the nickname for the Philip Morris group of companies - the cigarette barons. Didn't they have something to do with fleeces....or was it fleecing?

  2. Suitable to be beside Dr. Seuss.
    You are as silly as a goose!
    (We Americans make that rhyme, although I think that his name was not really pronounced that way.)

  3. Absolutely! I haven't seen goats look so fluffy.

  4. Lovely rhyme and lovely goats too.

  5. Love it. Love the goats too :-)

  6. GB, are you trying to be clever??

    Not sure how to take that, Kay!

    Rosemary, I didn't think they looked nearly fluffy enough. More curly? But what do I know!

    Joanna and Teresa, you are both very kind but this was a poor effort, written at speed as I was about to go out. I'll try to,do better next time!

  7. Trying but obviously not succeeding. Sorry. Just my sense of the silly surfacing again.

  8. Oh, please believe me that I only meant that in a very good way. I love Dr. Seuss. People think that his books are for children, but they are really for people of all ages, but only those with good taste!

  9. Now, shaving a goat is something I have never done. I will put it on my list of 100 things to do before I die. I might put it near the end, because I have a feeling I may die in the process.

  10. My angora sweater is my favorite because it's so warm. :)
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  11. GB, silly is just fine. I quite like silly myself.

    Kay, I believe you!

    In that case, Fran, do it now. While you're still young!

    Kate, angora is wonderful. So long as you don't have to find/shave it yourself!