Monday 4 April 2011

C is for Cofferdam

A cofferdam is a watertight chamber allowing construction workers to carry out building work underwater.

Why am I telling you this? Well, today is the day for the letter C, and today I fell over (the two are not connected, incidentally). I was looking for my car (we have to park in the street, and there are a lot of streets and a lot of cars, and I often forget where I've put mine). Having discovered that it wasn't where I thought it was, I was hurrying off in the other direction (bad idea), and I tripped. I had a few bumps and bruises, nothing serious, but being of a certain age (I'v never discovered quite what "a certain age" is, but I have a feeling that it's almost certainly me) I felt a bit shaken. So I cheated, found "cofferdam" in the dictionary, and decided to use that.

To anyone reading, this, I know it's boring. On the other had, you may well have learnt a new word.

PS I never did find the car. (Which, now I come to think of it, also begins with C.)


  1. No, it's not boring! It's so interesting! I'm going to test my mom, with this word. She's a crossword buff and knows the most amazing words. (And never play trivial pursuit with her, she has the most obscure bits of knowledge tucked away in her brain!)

    And I'm so sorry you fell over. It's always a shock no matter what the "certain age" is! I carry the Bach Flower Remedy "Rescue" around with me, for just those upsetting incidents. Helps one settle and calm donw. That or a good cup of tea.

    But if you didn't find your car, was it nicked???? :O
    Judy (South Africa)

  2. Yikes - falling over and losing your car - I hope the day improved swiftly, Frances!

  3. Thanks, Judy and Alis. Actually, once I'd fallen over, I stopped looking for the car. I think I know where it is, but if it isn't there, well, I shall tell the police. But not today.

    And no. The day didn't get better, because I went to the dentist, and he was rather rude. Long sigh.

  4. No it's not boring, I love to see aand read the way other people think and write, Loved the new word.


  5. Good luck with the challenge Frances. Great to learn new words, and love that picture for the beer entry.

  6. Awesome word. Never heard of cofferdams -- and, after searching pictures, I'm still not quite sure I understand the concept. Still, it's awesome to learn!

    But, with Alis I hope the rest of your day has been smoother.

  7. Thanks, Yvonne, thanks Suzy, thanks Nevets. Actually today has been one of those days best forgotten. Only 1 hr 50 mins to go...

  8. What a horrible day for you - hopefully the next was better. Great word!

  9. Thanks, Rosemary. It's now tomorrow, and I'm hoping for better things!