Friday 22 April 2011

T is for Too much

There are things I can have too much of:
Alcohol (sad, but true)
People who don't say thank you when you hold doors open or stop for them at zebra crossings
Blogging (but only after the strain of thinking up things for the A to Z challenge)
Being told jokes I don't understand (or find funny)
Exclamation marks
Traffic wardens

And things I can't have too much of:
Love (soppy, but true)
Friends and family (ditto)
Babies (I wanted lots, but husband drew the line at four)
Bach (the composer, not the Rescue Remedy)
Diving off a boat into clear, deep sea under a blazing sun
Jokes I do find funny
Woods full of bluebells, preferably beneath canopies of pale new beech leaves
Blackbirds singing
Writing a best-seller (this hasn't happened yet, or you would have heard of me)


  1. Great list, I can relate to many on your list.

    Have a Happy Easter,

  2. I think we might be kindred spirits Frances - that is apart from exclamation marks as I just love them!!!!! Also, I don't mind wasps!

    I have never dived into the clear deep sea either! Deprived?

    Anna :o]

  3. I feel the same about many of these. Do you think we will all take the summer off blogging after this LOL?

  4. All the best with your best seller wish.
    Happy Easter, Frances.

  5. Love your lists and I agree with many on both. I was never so keen on babies, preferring them at todler stage and beyond. My husband drew the line at two. You've made me want to take that dive into the sea again.

  6. I love your lists!! (oops)
    Happy Easter :-)

  7. Happy Easter, Yvonne!

    Exclamation marks are fine, Anna, provided they're used for an exclamation, and that (above) was one! And that was another one...). Diving into deep sea is the nearst I get to heaven (actually I tend to jump, but same kind of thing).

    Karen, I just might tone down the blogging a bit. It's fun, but beginning to feel a bit ilke homework! (another exclamation)

    Happy Ester, Keith Have you received your book yet? I posted it days ago.

    Rosemary, get diving. It's wonderful.

    Happy Easter, Teresa! (another ligitimate exclamation. I'm getting into rather deep water with these exclamation marks, but sadly not the sea kind)

  8. No book yet, Frances.
    I'll e-mail you the minute it arrives.

  9. I will be more careful then...'cause I tend to use exclamation marks often... (I'm keeping my finger away from the !!!!) LOL

    Frances, I love your posts... and I have learned so much from you since we met over at the A to Z challenge. I just recently realized that you have published some books, and one caught my attention as it has my son's name (Ernest) :-)

    Also, I want to thank you for encouraging me to publish my collection of 50-word stories. You and other readers had me think about it, and I have finally made the decision. I am going to pursue it.

    Have a Happy Easter.


  10. Sorry about that Keith. The post is sooooo slow.

    Doris, I'm so glad you've decided to publish those stories. They are unique, and very special. Happy Easter!

  11. There can never be too much love, and laughter nor too many flowers. (I have managed to overdo the oranges before, but there were no long term ill effects)

  12. Love and soppiness- yes please.

    Wasps and the pressure of finding something worth blogging about - No thanks.

  13. Thanks, Dee and Patsy! Now I must move swiftly on to U...