Wednesday 16 November 2011

Bad hair day

Actually it's more of a no hair day. You know how it is. I trolled cheerily along yesterday to have it cut, and said that last time it hadn't been quite short enough, so could they please...and you can probably guess the rest.

I want to go away and hide, but I can't. And I'm going to stay with my (beautiful) daughter tomorrow, and she's always very nice about my appearance, but I think that even Daisy will balk at the sight of a bald mother. And I know it will grow back, of course it will (did you know that hair grows at the rate of half an inch a month?). But I want it back NOW. I keep looking in the mirror to see if it's grown at all (after all, it's been nearly 24 hours, and that's a whole day, which is a 30th. of half an inch)...

As for the paper bag, that's a no-no, because I shall have to drive, and I'm quite sure that the police are as hot on paper bags as they are on mobile phones and (soon, possibly) fags. But if you do happen to see a woman driving a blue car with a paper bag on her head, give her a wave.

She badly needs cheering up.


  1. Oh, you do have my deepest sympathy, Frances!!! Nobody knows better than me what it feels like to be unhappy about one's hair... Yes, I really AM that shallow - I like the way I look, except for my hair, and strangely enough, every time I come out of the hairdresser's, I like my hair even less than when I went in. Thankfully, the salon is just round the corner from my house, so I can instantly sneak back into the safety of my own four walls and hope that not even the postman will have seen me...

  2. Deary me, lol. You poor thing. But surely it can't be all that bad? It will grow back fast.. until then, how about a hat?

  3. Aren't they rude, bet you won't go there again Frances. I think they got the hump because you said shorter than last time. I don't like the hairdressers much. Grow it and put it in a pony tail.

  4. Oh no! I'm glad I'm not going anywhere near a hairdresser this week - my sister in law also lost the battle of the scissors! When you're finished with that paper bag, Frances, I'll send it to her...! :)

    Judy, South Africa

  5. See my blog today, Frances. Might cheer you up a bit.

  6. Thanks, Librarian. I think underneaath it all (in my case, the paper bag) we're all a bit shallow!

    The oonly hats that suit me are large wedding-y hats (unsuitable). Little woollen hats (seasonal) make me look worse than bald!

    Susan, I have to say that it wasn't the hairdresser's fault. I asked for short, and that's what I got. What we never discussed was exaclty HOW short...

    Judy, it would be easier to send her the instructions as to how to make her own (bag, scissors, perhaps a bit of decorative ribbon...)

    Keith, it did. Thank you very much!

  7. What about a wig? I sometimes yearn for one myself. These days I have found a hairdresser I like, I hope she doesn't decide to go travelling or something, like they all seem to do.

  8. Oh I do so hate having my hair cut Frances - it strips me of my confidence so I can relate here.

    On the rare occasion I am scalped on a Saturday morning, I view the brides and bridesmaids who look absolutely stunning, and wonder why I don't look like that.

    Hope it grows quickly!

    Anna :o]

  9. Oh dear. Look on the bright side, Frances. You'll have your lovely tresses back by Christmas. I haven't seen mine since 1983.