Saturday 12 November 2011

Masterchef and me

Masterchef is on again, and we're loving it. The rolling eyes of Monica; the sadly shaking head of Michel; that frantic rush among the pots and pans to produce something small and beautifully formed (or not). Great entertainment!

So, inspired, I thought I'd cook something different: fishcakes (well, I quite often do those) with hollondaise sauce (new departure). To make things easier (don't look now, Monica), I googled "cheat's hollondaise sauce", and was assured that this never failed, and my family and friends would be full of admiration


Here's my recipe for the sauce:

1. Put egg yolk, lemon juice, a little water and seasoning in the mixer. Blend.
2. Pour hot melted butter in slowly, blending all the time.
3. Upon discovering that the mixture doesn't thicken as promised, try little basin over hot water.
4. Upon discovering that that doesn't work either, pour mixture into saucepan on stove (which of course you must never, ever do).
5. Upon discovering that after some time, all you have (still) is lemon-flavoured liquid butter, take saucepan over to sink
6. Add Fairy liquid and hot water, and swill around to mix.
7. Pour the mixture down the sink.

I shan't try that again.


  1. Love Masterchef! Love Monica! Not so keen on your Hollandaise recipe...

  2. We love Monica and her rolling eyes and horrified expressions. Love to see how the professional chefs cope with the skills test (or not!). Afraid I'm not keen on Hollandaise sauce.

  3. I shouldn't laugh, but I did. Fairy liquid is a good and reliable cooking ingredient.
    Hand whisk trumps blender every time.

  4. Aliya, Monica would have had a fit. I mean, yellow somoked haddock, and I left some bones in, too. But we won't mention the sauce.

    Rosemary, I LOVE Hollandaise sauce. I just can't make it.

    English Rider, do you think it would have worked with a hand whisk (but without the Fairy liquid)?

  5. I hate foolproof recipes. It's like when people end directions with 'you can't miss it'. Yes I can!

  6. Ah, now I understand your comment on my blog post! Ha ha.

  7. Me too Patsy; me too!

    Try it Fran. It works (not the sauce, the sink de-greasing).