Friday 25 November 2011

Coffins and cold callers

Researching coffins on the internet, I found this. This is a fun coffin, apparently. A chocolate-lover's coffin for a dead chocolate-lover. No more chocolate, sadly, but a pretty coffin instead. I got quite carried away. There were animal-lovers' coffins and coffins in the shapes of things, and wicker, banana leaf or even hyacinth (?) coffins.

Why coffins? Because today I announced my own death to a cold caller. Because although I'm superstitious, I really have had enough, and maybe, just maybe, word will get round that there's no point in trying to sell my anything any more because I'm dead.

The caller did offer his condolences, which was nice.


  1. Hilarious Frances. I hope you had already chosen your coffin though.

  2. A coffin actually made of chocolate would be nice, give those worms something tasty for a change!

  3. So playing a murder scene from an audio book didn't work for you. So you had to plan your own murder to get rid of them then, Frances.

    So where do I send to flower to?

  4. The coffin looks fab.

    Be careful - you much just see your own obitary soon. That happened in our University this year - a fundraising call resulted in his obit in our alumni magazine. : )

  5. Couldn't we save the wrappers from the chocolate we eat and be buried in those?

  6. Hi, Maggie. Yes. Mine's in the shape of a horse.

    Jenny, it might melt before it got there...?

    Jarmara, if you'd like to send flowers, I'll give you my address (actually I wasn't murdered. I died of natural causes).

    Freya, sadly I'm not important enough to have an obituary ;(

    Patsy, I think the body should be wrapped in sivler paper before it's put in the coffin. I'm not a fan of shrouds.

  7. You are too much sometimes, Frances! Oh, sorry you won't be able to read this...

  8. "Hi, Rosemary" (ghostly voice from the other side...)