Tuesday 8 November 2011

Not Downton Abbey - a competition!

I'm talking about the wonderful Upstairs Downstairs, which showed how it should really be done. And as we have duplicates, I am offering a DVD of one or two episodes as a prize (they were freebies, but a DVD is a DVD). All you have to do is write a limerick about maids, the aristocracy, a stately home - in fact, anything Downton- or Upstairs Downstairs-ish.

Ditch your NaNo for a few minutes and have a go.


  1. Milly the scullery maid
    on the dining table was laid
    there's nothing finer
    for protecting china
    During a pesky air raid

  2. Gertrude of Warwick sat on her pouffe,
    Looking all posh and precice.
    The pouffe took the huff
    Stood up in a trice,
    And set get a life you posh toff.

  3. Excellent limericks, Patsy and Susan!

    Please keep them coming! You can tell when my WIP has reached a sticky patch...)

  4. I'm going to have to have a go at this now I want to see it:

    There once was a butler called Fred,
    Who was feeling most strange in the head.
    He served up the brandy,
    Then said, 'I feel randy!'
    And fell over backwards, quite dead.

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  6. What gets me about "Downton Abbey,"
    Is the script, it's so awfully flabby,
    They either talk posh,
    And say "golly" and "gosh,"
    Or they sound like an East London cabby.

    I'm not sure about this. I had one try and deleted it. This is what happened

  7. There was an old cook called Lorraine
    Whose kitchen was her sole domain
    Til one day she took fright
    Saw a ghost in the night
    And never was seen there again

    The best I can do I'm afraid!

  8. Travis of Travistock Towers,
    Had been out riding for hours.
    His wife filled with rage,
    took off with the page,
    then chopped down his prize-winning flowers.

    bum bum...Good for Lady Travistock.

  9. I really can't make up my mind about these - could we have a vote, please? There are several gems and I can't choose between them. I'd be very grateful if you just post a vote for your favourite. Please!

  10. I'm getting the general vibe that nobody is going to help you out here. I know I can't pick one.

  11. Sorry, I don't know which I liked best.

    Fred the butler and Travis of Travistock both made me laugh, Rosamund's fits brilliantly with your post and Maggie's manages to combine humour, a ghost story and a disappearing cook which is great going for 5 lines.