Saturday 19 November 2011

Christmas at Sainsburys

Our local branch of Sainsburys has gone all ho-ho-ho already. This week, almost six weeks before C-day, the poor wretched staff are already decked out in silly hats and Santa frocks, and there are horrendous great baubly things hanging from the ceiling. "Gifts" are there in abundance, including those long bottles of olive oil with what looks like half a tree floating in them and which would only ever be bought to give (and then probably thrown) away (always add Fairy liquid before pouring down the sink; see my hollondaise recipe for further details). There are crackers and mince pies and wrapping paper and... and...

...and miserable-looking shoppers, because as everyone knows, no-one, but NO-ONE, wants to be reminded that Christmas is well on the way in the middle of November, least of all women who, let's face it, do most of the shopping and most of the Christmas stuff.

Bah. Humbug.

But to brighten things up a bit, my granddaughter Phoebe told me on the phone this morning that what she wants for Christmas is me, "in her bedroom, talking" (giftwrap optonal). Aaaaah!


  1. Why do we put ourselves through this every year?

  2. Patsy, why indeed!

    Thanks, Teresa. I do hope you're feeling better after your horrible week.

  3. Sorry, but has anyone told the season that it's nearly Christmas. Your granddaughter knows the real worth of Christmas, bless her.

  4. This year I announced that I was going to buy suitable inexpensive gifts instead of asking everyone what they would like - which somehow spoils the whole point of giving. But, then I asked my daughter in law what my son would like, and then I asked him what she wouldlike, and then I said I would leave my daughter's present until we go together to choose. No, no, no. I've done it again. Now, next year.....

    And while I'm at it if I hear anyone else say they can't believe Christmas is only 5 weeks away, I'll strangle them with my tinsel. Feel better now.

  5. Joann, Phoebe can be a little madam, but she's quite wonderful!

    Jarmara, I hate to spoil to illusion, but if I pitched up on Christmas day with just myself and no parcel, Phoebe would be very disappointed indeed!

    Maggie, May, I've done it again, too. It's a very hard habit - custom? - to break!