Wednesday 15 August 2012


Co-blogger Fran has posted some brilliant variations on Mary Had a Little Lamb. You can see them here.

With apologies to her (I hope you don't mind, Fran?), these gave me the idea for a competition. The task: to re-write any well-known nursery rhyme, making it modern/witty/PC/non-PC - whatever takes your fancy. The prize? Immense cudos, and a pretty tea towel (sorry I can't run to anything better at the moment, but it's the taking part that counts). I know there are some brilliant poets out there, so come on. Have a go!


  1. Can I enter my blog post?....... I need a new tea towel.

  2. I'll have a go but the standard will be nowhere near as good as Fran's or your own.

    1. Come on then, Colette. Get between Fran and her tea towel!

  3. Mary had a little lamb.
    The midwife had a fit.
    She, thinking it would be a child,
    Had not expected it.
    She glanced at Mary, wondering,
    If Mary had a clue
    That instead of having a mini-me
    She'd had a mini-ewe?

  4. So brilliant, I just can't compete. But my head is now full of nursery rhymes. Thanks!

  5. Somewhat inspired by Pat-a-cake but with scansion all its own ...

    Be a love , there's a dear ,
    and get me a burger ,
    Not a dry one , mind , I like 'em juicy ,
    That's it! A good squeeze of ketchup and you can pass it to me .

  6. No more entries, then? I'll give it until Wednesday...

  7. So, after a bit of a damp squib of a competiton, the winner has to be Fran (from whom I pinched the idea in the first place). Special thanks to Smitonius and Sonata for their inspired entry. Fran - if you email me your address, I'll send you your magnificent prize.

  8. I've sent my address via your comment form on your website, Frances, as I couldn't see an email link on the blog. Where are all the poets? Were they being 'sheepish'?

  9. I'm not sure what happened to this post or me at the time. I'm just catching up after my holibags and I really can't recall this one. Mind you as a complete nincompoop when it comes to poetry I'd probably have shied away from the topic anyway. Or perhaps not. Qui sait?