Monday 6 August 2012

Magpie 129


"You're looking so lovely tonight.
Your cheeks glowing pink in the light.
The food and the wine
Are, quite simply, divine.
You're my love, you're my life, my delight."

I might as well be on my own.
You've spent the whole night on your phone.
I couldn't eat dinner
Though I've never been thinner.
Since I met you, I've lost half a stone."

(With thanks to Tess at Magpie Tales for the picture)


  1. If he spent the whole night on the phone
    She could converse with herself alone
    She'd have time to eat dinner
    And thus not get thinner
    And thus have no reason to moan

    (Sorry about the tautology)

  2. I bet mobile phones caused the end of many a blossoming relationship in this way! LOL

  3. I wonder how many stories you could develop from this picture. I like both of yours.

  4. Nice spin on the prompt ~ That is what I hate about today's tech like phones, you ignore real life people beside you so communication ironically breaks down ~

  5. Lovely! :-) The rhythm is consequent with four stressed syllables in line 1,2 and 5, and three stressed syllables in the line 3 and 4 couplet. It rhymes. And the message is beautiful. For sure attentiveness it is.

  6. If she is worthy of such a special dinner, surely she is worth a little attentiveness... Sheesh!! I love your insight into the human condition. Frequently, the obvious is oblivious. Your mind works in funny, witty and marvelous ways. Thank you, Frances.

  7. Always love stopping by here to read your mag. Today is no exception.


  8. Love it! Drop the phone in the port and adjourn tot he rug in front of the fire!

  9. Indeed! Well written & to the point...

  10. Oh that mobile phone again. When will they ever learn?

  11. Oh, how sad. He thinks she's wonderful, and she doesn't know it because he keeps it to herself.
    Brilliant, Frances. I wonder how often this actually happens? Probably more often than we think.

  12. Oh this is too perfect! I had the same kind of thoughts when first I saw this, two people and two completely different worlds. Funny how two people (even long married) can both be on completely different pages. Actaully, not funny, rather sad!

  13. Thanks, everyone. I really appreciate your comments!