Friday 3 August 2012

Pooh, Piglet, Kanga and Tigger have had a bath...

...and are sitting in the kitchen, drying out.

As any parent will know, when the kids leave home, the also leave Stuff. Old clothes, videos, university notes, papers, tin trophies they won as school all gets left behind in The Nest, while they set up nice, new, clutter-free homes of their own. Well, I have had enough. In my convalescent state, I am restless, and want to sort things out and chuck things away. So. Out with the Stuff.

Barney (if you see this) I have washed Pooh and friends, and they await collection. As does that clutter in the cupboard and an entire bookshelf of nasty violent teen films and tattered paperbacks.

Joe, another cupboard is full of your old DJ stuff, and a lot of old football shirts, and much else besides. When I open that cupboard, an avalanche of stuff tumbles from a great height and threatens to bury me alive. We are short of storage space, and I need your cupboard.

To the other two: you left home so long ago that your stuff has finally evaporated, so this doesn't apply to you.

Meanwhile, Pooh et al are nearly dry (Roo nearly went the way of all socks and got lost in the wash, but mercifully reappeared). And, as I said, are waiting for you, Barney.

So am I.


  1. The stuff they leave behind seems to become so much part of the furniture that every so often I can't believe we're still living with it. The other day I realised that my youngest daughter has no space for her own clothes in her own wardrobe because it's full of my eldest daughter's clothes that she hasn't worn for years, but hasn't thrown out. And those things are there because her own wardrobe is full of papers, magazines, gadgets, DVDs etc. And of course the youngest daughter hasn't noticed the lack of space in her wardrobe because she never hangs anything up anyway.
    I love the fact that you have tenderly washed Pooh and friends. x

  2. Joanna, how kind. In that csse. you will be happy to know that they have now had a whirl in the tumbler drier and are all nice and fluffy (although Pooh's jacket is a bit bobbly).

  3. Hi Frances,
    At least you only have the stuff left behind in your nest.
    At my house I have my one and only daughter and ALL of her stuff...which I'm sure would surpass all the stuff of all of your kids put together.
    Hope she doesn't read this, but I'm planning to chuck quite a few items (obsolete) when she leaves to study later this year....then I can breathe a sigh of relief.
    If I attempted to do that now, she would want to hang on to everything, you know like those hoarders.
    I can't deal with clutter, but she does it very well.

  4. Hi, Virginia. Unlike you, I hope my lot DO read this, but if I have to phone them to tell them to read it, I might as well ask them to collect their stuff, in which case this has been a wasted post....