Monday 9 May 2011

Another important wedding

After That Wedding, here's another one. No kiss, I'm afraid, as the couples (yes. There were two) didn't apparently really take to each other. But never mind. The (un)happy couples in question were guinea pigs, "married" by my lovely daughter-in-law for the benefit of her three little boys. The music - I kid you not - was Vidor's Toccata, and the hymn was All Things Bright and Beautiful (for what could be more bright and more beautiful than a married guinea pig?). The wedding photographs were taken by my son, who assures me that the whole idea was "nothing to do with him".

What worries me is the strange messages this is giving to the boys about marriage, reproduction etc (baby guinea pigs being the ultimate aim of the whole operation). I can see them on their respective wedding nights, dressed up in their top hats, thinking that strutting about in ridiculous clothes is how babies are made.

Most alarming of all, my daughter-in-law is a GP (and in her case, that is not short for guinea pig).


  1. That is hilarious (and sweet), Frances. Wish I had a youngster in the house to show it to!

  2. Rosemary, I'm glad you approve. I have very mixed feelings (but maybe that's because I fear for my daughter-in-law's sanity!).

    Keith, my son thoroughly disapproved. As for your dreadful pun, words fail me...

  3. It's a bit odd, but quite a fun thing to do, I think.

  4. Thanks for that, Patsy, but the latest news is that the marriages are both off. The protagonists hate each other and have had to be separated. Such is life...