Thursday 5 May 2011

Holiday postcards

We have just received one of the first holiday postcards of 2011*, and it got me thinking.

I don't really get the holiday postcard thing. Why would anyone be interested in my holiday destination, the food, the view, the weather etc. etc.? Those who need to know, know, and those who don't, probably don't really care anyway.

But not so my husband. John does postcards in a big way. Every time we go away on holiday, the routine (for a two-weeker) is as follows:

On about day 4: "I need to buy my postcards," says he, making a list of names.

Day 6: he buys his postcards.

Day 8: "I ought to write my postcards."

Day 9/10: he sits down and laboriously writes them.

Day 11: "I really ought to post my postcards."

Me (exasperated): "Isn't it a bit late? Why don't you post them when we get home?"

John (shocked); "Oh, no! That wouldn't be at all the same!"

No. It wouldn't. But it would be a great deal easier. The postcards are a chore, and are largely unnecessary. They hang over him like a little cloud of "oughts" (there shouldn't be any oughts on holiday).

But he'll do it again this year. And in spite of what I've said, in a funy way, it wouldn't be a proper holiday if he didn't.

*Needless to say, from a friend of John's.


  1. Perhaps that will be one of the advantages of going on a cruise - presumably they dont have a postman?

  2. I love postcards, but gave them up a long time ago. Same as holiday pressies. Not that I'm mean, but the whole holiday was taken up with 'ought to buy presents, what shall we get, for who, will they like it? They never did, so that became the end of it. Nobody seemed to mind, they all gave up buying as well.

  3. Barney, go away! You've got a baby to look after.

    Suzy - glad you're with me! Presents are even worse than cards (and they cost more...).

  4. Someone's got to keep the postcard industry alive in this day and age. It's a pleasure to have found your blog from the Challenge formerly known as A-Z!

  5. I don't feel obliged to buy postcards. Sometimes I send one, but not often.

  6. Thanks so much, Jeffrey, for following my A-Z posts. Quite a chore for you (I gather you followed 30?)! As I've said before, I'm not sure whether I'd do it again, but it was certainly fun.

    Patsy, I don't feel obliged at all!

  7. My mum always gets miffed if I don't send her a card but I think that's the only one I feel compelled to send (not much of a chore to say Hi to your Mum, is it?) apart from sending a jokey 'hope the cats are still alive and not being a pain with the dead rodents' one to whoever's feeding our two cats.
    As for the holiday presents - definitely an 'ought' too far!

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