Tuesday 31 May 2011

Pied de cochon

Today, we are going up to London to a very posh, extravagant restaurant to take my son and his wife out to celebrate his new job. The meal is courtesy of John, who is into food, and who has a special fund for treats such as this. As for me, I'm not a foodie. I tend to spend my time in such places thinking what I could have bought for the cost of, say, half a starter. But I do love this restaurant. Not so much for the food (which is lovely, but probably wasted on me), but for the ambience, the wonderful service, the lilies in the loo, the way everyone makes you feel so special.

I was a little disconcerted on looking up the menu to find that "pied de cochon" is one of the choices. Surley that's the bit most sane people throw away? But never mind. I shall have the lamb, and leave the trotters so someone else.

And I shall go to the loo at least twice. Whether I need to or not.


  1. I do love a nice loo too, Frances. I know, I would have left the feet if I did eat meat.

  2. Lillies? That's lovely.

    It's not feet. They gave it a fancy French name. lol That makes it better, right? I nice loin or chop would be yummier.

  3. Feet don't sound tasty - or rather they do, but not in a good way.

  4. Hi Frances .. enjoy the meal - trotters or not - they're featuring on The Great British Menu .. but if you're not that keen on food - you probably haven't taken any notice!

    Lilies in the loo ... now that's a thought - ?

    Enjoy the day and the family .. Hilary

  5. Thanks, everyone. We had a wonderful time, but I avoided the trotters (put off by the thought of those crunchy little hooves). And I forgot to go to the loo (but my daughter-in-law went, and said there were roses, not lilies. Roses are fine by me).

    Hilary , I didn't know about the Great British Menu. I'll look it up!

  6. Hi Frances .. glad you had a wonderful time ..

    BBC2 this week 6 - 7 .. the final is on Friday .. 8 chefs left ..

    Cheers - it's my hook, line and sinker show each year .. just love seeing what they come up with .. never normally get hooked! Oh yes - Wimbledon is coming!! Hilary

  7. Oh dear! What have I missed, Hilary?

  8. Hi Frances ..nothing of great import - a lot of pork .. and pied de cochon featuring .. two of those went through .. tomorrow it's ""puds""?! That one will be quite spectacular ...

    I just enjoy the rivalry - I don't do much tv! and I love food! Cheers Hilary

  9. Definitely leave the trotters to someone else. You can discern a lot about a place by its loos.

  10. Glad you had a good time, Frances - I would definitely leave the trotters to someone else!

  11. HIlary, I've just discovered it's a chef competition, and I love those, but I've missed it. Damn!

    Colette, and Rosemary - I think perhaps if they were called something else...maybe...? No. I still wouldn't eat them even without the hooves. But it would have been interesting if someone else had ordered them (they didn't).

  12. Hi Frances .. you've got the dessert 'final' tonight .. and then tomorrow - the decision day of choosing who cooks what .. then sometime the actual banquet .. did you see last year's .. I wrote a post on it ..

    Looks like Friday is it - Barbara Windsor hosting the banquet .. oh well ..

    Should you have time to watch .. that's it then! Cheers Hilary