Tuesday 21 June 2011

I love horses - buy my books!

As I think I've mentioned before, I'm fascinated by blog statistics. These, rather oddly, are my most-visited posts:
1. In love with a horse
2. Beware of elderly people
3. A - the first post (of the blogging A to Z challenge)
4. The relief of not being a crime writer
5. Passed! (that was the car and its MOT)

I can understand the horse one (see picture of my horse refusing to get out of bed). But are that many people afraid of elderly people? Relieved at not being crime writers? All rather bewildering. But obviously the way to sell my books is to do it via a horse post. So here goes...


  1. I like your thinking. If I attempted to go down this route, I would have to post more stuff about ping pong. And a lot of people came to my blog to read about ping pong by typing in some very unsavoury phrases. So I think it best not to cater to the ping pong crowd.

  2. Aliya, customers are ccutomers. Send the ping pong crowd to me. I'll deal with them.

  3. But what if, like the Duchess of Cambridge, one is allergic to horses...will we sneeze when we read your books??
    Judy, South Africa

  4. No, Judy. You won't.

    (Is the Duchess of Cambridge allergic to horses? And there was I, feeling quite envious because she could have a whole stable full of them if she wanted to. It all goes to show.)

  5. Blogger stats are bizarre, aren't they? My all time most popular title is 'I said I would'. Presumably people were expecting me to make good on a really exciting promise?

  6. Interesting, Patsy. Maybe it's the title of a naughty film? Have you tried googling it?

  7. Good idea Frances - Googling the phrase brings up Whitney Duncan who has a son called 'When I said I would'. Oh dear - hope nobody was too disappointed.

  8. Patsy - a son called When I Said I Would? Well, it's certainly different. And to think I was criticised for calling one of mine Barnaby...

  9. Ooops. If I had kids, they'd be called Typo and Spag.