Sunday 19 June 2011

Sunday in the pub

Today in the pub, I had one of those surreal conversations with a woman I know (slightly).

Woman: We've got a very noisy kettle. When it's boiling, we can't hear the radio.
Me: Can't you - er - turn the radio up?
Woman (with a sigh): Oh, we just have to live with it. When you you've travelled around as much as we have, you learn to put up with these things.



  1. You know, I think I remember a conversation with someone that sounded very much like this one. So funny!

  2. Not quite following her logic there.

  3. Mmmmm straight over my head. I've given this some thought, and am stuck. Is the jist because she's hard of hearing and didn't even hear the suggestion of turning the radio up?

  4. Now I've heard everything! That's putting up with things to extremes.

    Hope you've 'recovered' from your cruise!

  5. Karen, do let's have your story!

    Colette - quite!

    Diane, she's not deaf. I'm stuck, too.

    Rosemary, I've certainly recovered, thank you, but looking out of the window (grey skies) I feel a certain nostalgia...

  6. She's travelled so much she's lost the radio's volume switch?

  7. Patsy - I think you may just be right!