Sunday 26 June 2011

Hats (continued)

The hat was wonderful. I just loved wearing it. But I no longer envy people (like royalty) who have to wear them all the time. As we travelled very carefully to the wedding in my daughter's car, daughter (sporting a black feathery number, which looked a bit like a dead bird, but nonetheless managed to look glamorous*), we both reflected that people in hats need specially high cars (with huge doorways) to accomodate them. Also, I always forget that kissing under a hat can be difficult. And there was a lot of kissing. It's like having someone come into your tent through too narrow an opening. Awkward, with issues about personal space. That's probably why the queen sticks to shaking hands.

*My daughter always looks glamorous. But I get to wear her cast-off clothes.


  1. Glad to know every thing went well on the day. I better you looked just as glmorous as your daughters.

    Well, you did make them :-)

  2. Thanks, Jarmra. I only have the one daughter, but three sons* :o)

    *However, I can't wear their clothes.

  3. Hi Frances .. delighted you were happy in your hat - they do look and feel good don't they .. just then trying to be normal with them on .. is a little tricky.

    I'm sure your daughter will be delighted with your description - but those feathery sort can look sooo elegant.

    Saves some cash .. those cast-offs .. or borrowed! Glad it was a good time .. Hilary

  4. I noticed that height thing at the Royal Wedding when Princess Eugenie (or it might have beed Beatrice - can't remember) seemed stooped over in the car and her hat still looked squashed in.
    Glad you had a good time.

  5. Hi, Colette. Yes - you don't think of cars and doorways when you choose a hat. What I need is an open carriage...

    With horses!