Wednesday 22 June 2011

Hat heaven

I've blogged about hats before. I love hats, especially big, extravagant ones, but there are rarely opoprtunities to wear them. I wasn't invited to The Wedding, never go to Ascot - in fact I don't really seem to move in hat-wearing circles. But on Saturday, a much-loved niece and goddaughter is getting married, and I shall wear a hat.

In Devizes, we are lucky enough to have hat heaven; a wonderful, deceptively small, mysterious, beamed cave, where J hires out hats. She has over 2000, many of them displayed round the room in a rainbow of colours, so the choice is huge. She is always kind and helpful, asks to inspect your outfit before producing a hat, adds little bits and bobs to the hat to match, and will make up a little feathery corsage if you want one. Nothing is too much trouble.

So yesterday, off I set to choose a hat. J brought out several, including one which loooked exactly like one of those frilly floppy lettuces (with a lettuce bag to match), but I finally settled on a huge lime green one with an enormous bow, and I'm thrilled with it. As I was about to leave, J, who is probably past retirement age and very glamorous, received some post.

"Oh, good!" she exclamed, on examining its contents. "My Glastonbury tickets have arrived!"

What a woman. What hats. What a place. Oh, boy!


  1. That looks like the perfect wedding hat. Will we get to see you wearing it?

  2. It is a gorgeous hat! I love hats...unfortunately, when I wear them I end up looking like a cross between Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber and a nagapie!!
    Judy, South Africa

    PS A nagapie is a little primate (apie)that only comes out at night (nag) - they have huge big eyes that bulge out of their heads (but they're really very cute!!)

  3. Hi Frances .. J sounds like some lady .. and so great you've got a hat hire shop .. and love it that she's off to Glastonbury .. this weekend is it?

    Cheers & enjoy your do with matching hat .. Hilary

  4. Do you think J will one of her hats to Glastonbury?

    Do post a picture of you in the hat I'm sure you'll be a Star in it.

  5. Patsy, sadly that's not THE hat - I got that one off the internet. But it's quite smilar.

    Judy, ditto. But I love the idea of a nagapie!

    Thanks, Hilary. Yes - Glastonbury ia this week-end. My youngest son is off to wallow in the mud there with his girlfriend. Rather him than me.

    Jarmara - I asked her that, and she said no. No hat. But she has a hood on her anorak( sensible woman). I might post a pic, but I look afwul in photos. I suppose if I pull the hat right down over my face...

  6. What a woman indeed - wish I was going to Glastonbury - the weather looks to be set fair for once. But all the family is going to a gig in Hyde Park next week to see my favourite band of the moment, Mumford and Sons. Hooray!

  7. Alis, I wouldn't be too envious. I had a gloomy text last night from son at Glastonbury saying it was "very muddy". He's not been before and I doubt whether he'll last the course!