Thursday 23 June 2011

In love with a horse that plays ping pong

I must get over this stats thing, but while I was away, my stats soared, and the day before we got back from our (over-publicised) hols, there were 142 hits. It's like getting 142 "we called but you were out" notes, when you think you've told your litte world you won't be in.

But "I love horses - buy my books!" is already high on the ratings for this week, so here we go again. (And apologies to Aliya for borrowing her ping pong. I just want to see whether her and my most-visited posts work in tandem.)

(And yes. I have got better things to do. I'm just not getting down to them.)


  1. Is it working, Frances?

  2. Something's working. Already more viewings than for the whole of yesterday. Interesting.

  3. I have loads of stuff that I should be doing too but it'll still be there later.

  4. Like the dusting, Colette (what dusting?).

  5. Stats are funny old things and I don't pretend to understand them. Possibly the week you were away my stats soared also.

    170-180 for six days and on the seventh 234. I must admit I felt quite chuffed in that the world had finally recognized my genius! :o]

    Since that day stats have returned to as they were previously and I feel quite unloved. Not really!

    Anna :o]

  6. Sounds an amusing experiment, Frances, and you've reminded me I always forget to check such things!

  7. I had high rating too and wonder why none of these readers didn't just say Hi, hello there, Love the blog but didn't have much else to say.

    But no, just a Stat reading.

    I wondered if it was something to do with all the problems Blogger was having that gave me high visitors who were, if you see what I mean. :-(

  8. I seem to get higher stas the days I don't post than the days I do. That's probably not a good sign.

  9. Hi Frances .. I'm afraid I can't get hung up .. I comment, others comment & I reply .. sufficient for my purposes for now!

    Cheers .. ping pong horses - now that sounds fun. Hilary

  10. Anna - I'm sure eveyrone loves you. I shall visit you at once!

    Rosemary, you're probably above this kind of nonsense, and are actually getting things done...

    Jarmar , you may well be right, and it's all Blogger's fault.

    Patsy, that's just paranoid!

    Hilary - not quite sure what you're saying, but thanks anyway!

  11. Hi Frances .. just I could "see" horses playing ping pong .. my imagination I expect - not meant to befuddle you! Cheers H