Wednesday 29 June 2011

Orange mist

Well, I thought I'd like to upgrade my mobile. Not due, I know, but I'm prepared to pay. But it seems I can't discuss this with a real human being.

Orange are a phone company, right? Phones enable people to speak to one another. Right? Wrong. Press this, press that, listen to the strangled tones of the recorded Orange lady (what exactly IS wrong with her throat?). So I went on line. Filled in a form, including my problem, all my details (phone numbers, address, eye colour. That kind of thing), and pinged it off. Thank you, said Orange. Now we have your details, you can phone us. And it will cost you over £1.50 per minute. More if you phone from your mobile.

More if you phone from your mobile? That's right. Even though I'm a loyal customer, and the reception is abysmal? Yep.

It's a win-win, isn't it? For Orange.

I shall now go and bang my head against a brick wall. Hard.


  1. It's appauling that they're able to get away with this Frances. Here's your brilliant solution. Write to orange, telling them that you're a writer for the Daily Mail and you're going to expose the problems you're having. (You could do that anyway)watch how quickly they sort you out... It works every time.

  2. That's a brilliant idea, Suzy! But how on earth do I get hold of their address? So far, all I can find is an address to which customers can send cheques (of course). I'll search further. Thanks!

    PS Sounds as though you've tried this tactic before?

  3. When my son was 17 and someone bashed into the back of his moped as he was stationary at traffic lights, no fault of his own, the insurance company didn't want to pay out. Luckily, our car had just gone through the lights and I witnessed the whole accident. As it happens, I have written one article for the Daily Mail, after months of no response, they paid up after a few days of the threatening letter. (which I only use as a last resort, but it was an enormouse amount of money) imagine young lads in the same situation with no witnesses, or nobody to write letters? Must be lots and lots... Hadn't better go off on insurance, orange are bad enough.

  4. Aaaargh phone companies!!!!!

  5. Don't even get me started on phone companies... unfair!

  6. I go into one of their shops and do my batty old woman act. If that doesn't work, I bring in my beautiful blonde step(ish)-daughter (long story) and get them to sort out my phone deal while their testosterone is boiling over. (Those phone shops always seem to be staffed with young men who speak phonese rather than English.)

  7. What a flipping cheek - whatever happened to customer service?
    Good luck with finding an address to write to them. They must have one hidden away somewhere.

  8. Thanks, Suzy. It's worth a try!

    Patsy - aaaaargh indeed. But I wish I could find someone to say (shout) it to!

    Diane - I assume you've had a similar experience....?

    Hydra, I have a beautiful daughter, but she lives miles away. Good idea, though.

    Teresa - yes, they must. I'm getting bossy management consultant son on the job!

  9. Swap to O2 - I have found their (admittedly, in-shop, real person) customer service to be exemplary. They sell me what I want, give me excellent service while they do it and don't try to sell me extras like cases and insurance or tariffs I've no use for.
    But maybe O2 coverage isn't too good where you are? I know Orange is the only company my relatives in West Wales can use if they want to be able to get signal at home...

  10. Alis - sadly, I'm tied to Orange for another 12 months unless I want to buy my way out. And the reception here is appalling. I'd dearly love to change!