Monday 19 September 2011

Downton Abbey

Are we the only people on the planet who don't think that Downton Abbey is the best thing since Upstairs Downstairs*? Watching it last night, we were so bored that we barely managed to make it till the end. The characters seem wooden (apart from fabulous Maggie Smith, who could read the telephone directory and make it sound ilke magic), the plot whisks hither and yon, in and out of the trenches, and back to a candlelit dinner before you've had time to draw breath, and the dialogue...

"War is reaching its long fingers into our house and scatttering our chicks," says the lord to his lady (or the oher way round; I forget) as they get into bed. Does ANYONE ever talk like that in a private domestic situation? Okay, so I'm not privy to the conversations among the nobility, but nonetheless, this beggared belief. And the cliches: "war has a way of distinguishing between those things that matter and those that don't" (one soldier to another, as they stand together in their trench). Really? Now, who would have thought of that? Surely not a soldier, surrounded by dead companions, up to his knees in mud?

And before I get completely shouted down, this is just my opinion, expressed on my blog, and I'm open to the opinions of others. So please be gentle with me!

*One of our favourite programmes ever.


  1. I haven't seen it, Frances so I don't have an opinion, but that conversation between the soldiers in a trench doesn't sound very realistic.

    I do agree wholeheartedly with you about Maggie Smith - brilliant actress.

    And I agree too about Upstairs Downstairs. Loved it.

    Was that gentle enough ;-)

  2. The comment about the chicks jarred with me a bit too.
    I'm still a big fan though.

  3. We haven't watched this new series yet, though we are recording it, so can't really comment. We did enjoy the first series though and agree that Maggie Smith is brilliant.

    We are currently enjoying the re-runs of wonderful Upstairs Downstairs on Saturday mornings.

  4. Very gentle, Teresa! Thank you.

    You enjoy it, Keith. I only wish I could...

    Gail, we have watched Upstairs Downstairs several times (hired from the library) and I still think it's one of the best series ever.

  5. Interesting comments! I haven't watched the first episode of the new series yet (it's taped), so I can't comment. But we're watching and enjoying the reruns of 'The House of Elliot' at the moment as I missed that whole series first time around.

  6. I must confess I got bored after about 10 minutes : too many costumes not enough drama

  7. I have to confess I was nodding my head in agreement reading that. I watched it for the fist time on Sunday, and felt distinctly underwhelmed. Thought it was just me missing something - pleased to see I'm not the only one!

  8. Hi, Rosemary I havent' tried the House of Elliot yet. Must give it a go.

    Alan, my thoughts exactly!

    Helen, it's good to find someone else who agrees. Even The Times is raving a about it!