Thursday 15 September 2011

My writing day

Talking to book/library groups, I think we're all often asked what our writing day is like. This happened again last night, so at the risk of boring them (and you):

I'm an early bird, so wake about half past six. I need two strong cups of coffee, and then I write for a couple of hours before breakfast (I don't really care for breakfast, so that doesn't take long). After a shower, I write from about ten until one, and then stop for a sandwich. After lunch, I'll go for a ride, and then fit in another hour of writing before making the evening meal. The rest of the day is my own time, although I often find myself going back to the PC to look over what I've written during the day.

And if you believe that, you'll believe anythihng.


  1. Oh, Frances - If only I could be as organised and focussed.

    I'm hopeless in the mornings and the thought of going without breakfast and writing at 6.30 is too awful to contemplate.

    See - it's 10 oclock already and I've only just switched on!

  2. I'd really like to believe that, Frances! I don't rise quite that early (!) - then I shower and dress, take my cereal through to the computer and TRY to write a little of the WIP before going online. But I'm still here at just after 11am as I'm staying in this morning.

    No wonder I get more writing done at Costa!

  3. I seem to have fooled you all (Gail, Rosemary and Colette)! Of COURSE this isn't what I do. How do you think I come to spend so much time blogging?

    Plus, I loathe getting up early, don't even like coffee, and I don't write every day. Shall I go on...?

    But the horse bit is true. Ish.

  4. Blogging counts as writing... sort of, doesn't it? :-)

  5. Of course it does, Librarian. Thanks for reminding me!