Sunday 4 September 2011

We got there...

...and back! The views and Corsica were as wonderful as ever, but the hotel...

Downstairs, it was palatial - all crystal chandeliers and snowy tablecloths and flambuoyant flower arrangements - with restaurant prices to match (we could only afford to eat there once), but once we got into our room it was like a very down-market boarding house. No chest of drawers, a tatty desk, and one of those pieces of furniture designed to hold a chamber pot*. Two missing light bulbs, no proper mirror, and floorboards which not only squeaked but howled and sang (not just ours, but those beside and above us). Madame (the owner), who I have to say worked ALL the time ("dormir est mourir" she told us), nonetheless depends on the staggering views for her clientele, and while they are indeed staggering, the views aren't exactly hers; she doesn't have to polish and maintain them or pay for new ones. No flies on Madame.

But we had a good time. We kept wine and whisky in our wardrobe (we had to buy a corkscrew) and ate shop-bought snacks on our little balcony, and spied on the people on the terrace below, as they drank their cocktails (12 euros apiece). All in all an interesting exprience, and a lovely holiday, but it's nice to be back.

*chamber pot not included


  1. Glad you made it there - and back. It's a shame the hotel didn't live up to your expectations, but plesed you had a good time despite that.

  2. Amazing views. Hope the hotel wasn't too expensive to stay in. But perhaps it's worth it for the views.

  3. 12 Euro a cocktail! Wow! I think I would have taken that chamber pot holder and put it into the hallway for everyone to enjoy.
    Anyway - welcome back!

  4. Glad you managed your trip, Frances, and that the view at least lived up to expectations! At least the hotel, and Madame, will give you something to write into a story.

  5. Do you mean a commode? What a strange thing for a hotel room.
    I agree with Rosemary. Odd furniture, creaky floorboards and a crafty owner - there's a story there.

  6. Just that quote from Madame is a title for a story if it means what I think it means!
    Your holiday sounds lovely in a memorable sort of way - there's something about creaky floorboards and shop-bought snacks on the balcony :-)

  7. A good view makes up for a lot of things! Does it make you feel better that 12 Euros doesn't sound so bad if you convert it into South African rand...+/-ZAR120! And this will *really* make you feel better: on Amazon some affiliate seller has listed a used copy of my novel at (wait for it)...US$13600!!! (and no, I didn't add an extra nought by mistake!) Makes those cocktails look cheap now, doesn't it? :):)

    Glad you had a lovely holiday anyway!

    Judy, South Africa

  8. Thanks, Patsy!

    Jenny, yes. The hotel was quite expensive. It was supposed to be a treat...

    Hi, Librarian. Not a bad thought (the chamber pot thingy idea)!

    Hi, Rosemary. I just might do that!

    Keith, it wasn't exactly a commode. Just an odd little cupboard. But I recognised it from somewhere else...

    Teresa, yes. "To sleep is to die". Actually, as I chronic insomniac I found that rather comforting. It must mean I'm very much alive!

    Judy, I have to confess that we did actually have a cocktail on our last night. My idea. A special treat, I thought, before the snack on the balcony. Our 12 Euros (each) bought us each a plain glass with some watered-down champagne and a strawberry. I was expecting something exotic in a tall glass, with lots of interesting things* floating in it. And did we complain? Of course we didn't. We're much too British. Besides, Madame was soooo nice. What idiots we are!

    *Not wasps, although there were plenty of those.

  9. Glad you finally managed to make it this year. How was the plumbing?

  10. Plumbing fine thanks, Rosamund! A small mercy, you might say.

  11. Glad you got away but great to have you back Frances! I've missed your blog while you've been away!

  12. Thanks, Alis. And hope to see you soon in London?