Wednesday 7 September 2011

Win a tea towel!

As an apology for the very dull post about tea towels (below), I thought the least I could do would be to provide this golden opportunity to win one (a nice one).

All you have to do (all, she says...) is write a limerick on the subject of dull presents/unwanted gifts/that kind of thing, and post it on the comments here, and the winner will receive this magnificent prize in about a week's time. I'm away triplet-minding from tomorrow afternoon until Monday, so I hope there will be some brilliant limericks to read (and there certainly were, the last time I did this) when I get back...

On the other hand, if no-one enters, I shan't have to buy the tea towel.


  1. I was given a gift-wrapped box
    containing a pair of socks
    I raised my head
    and simply said
    this is absolutely ....

    No, sorry but I can't find a final rhyme.

  2. A sad (but true) tale :

    A friend I'd not seen for years
    Sent me a collection of beers
    But sad to state
    Their sell-by date
    Was a decade or two in arrears.

  3. With her IQ not quite up to speed
    And her brain-box the size of a bead,
    Dotty stared with distaste
    At the proffered book-case,
    "Now I'll 'ave to buy somefink to read."

    (Also sad but true.)

  4. Okay - here goes!

    The present looked shiny and bright
    And sparkled right through the night.
    By morning it died -
    The label had lied -
    For the battery ran out of light.

  5. Every year a gift wrapped box from my Gran
    To be greeted with delight , if I can
    Opens to reveal
    Needles and a large cotton reel
    When all I really want is a man .

    I know ... but it does at least rhyme !

  6. Patsy - good (if unfinished) try!

    Alan - brilliant!

    Joanna - I love it!

    Rosemary - well done (can a battery run out of light?).

    S&S - I love it, although it's a bit odd!

    Reults to be announced...

  7. Can't decide between Alan and Joanna. Both great, but I do love Joanna's last line.....Joanna by a short head if you threatened me with a gun.