Wednesday 28 September 2011

Magpie Tales

"Oh, I do love to dance in the rain!"
Said my niece, on a visit from Spain.
But she ran out of clothes
Since she'd only brought those.
So she said, "I won't do it again."

I know. Awful. But I saw the picture, and I just had to have a go... (thanks to Magpie Tales for the picture)


  1. I adore limericks!!! And have done so ever since I read this one in our English textbook at school when I was, I think, 12 years old:

    There was a young lady from Riga
    who rode with a smile on a tiger.
    They returned from the ride
    with the lady inside
    and the smile on the face of the tiger.

  2. Librarian - lovely! (at least I can comment on your comments...)

  3. Bravo Frances. Welcome to the wonderful world of Magpie Tales!

    Anna :o]

  4. PS My favourite limerick is:

    There was a young lady from Ealing
    Who had a most peculiar feeling,
    She lay on her back
    And (leave this to your imagination if you don't know it as some might take offence)
    And peed all over the ceiling.

    I just love it - it's so clever!

    Anna :o]

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  6. Rain and Spain: could there be a rhyme any more classic than that?

  7. Thanks, Anna. (love the limerick!)

    Thanks, Tess!

    Roy, you're right. But at least it scans...

  8. Thanks, Jo and Colette. As you see, I'm not a poet, but a woman can dream...

  9. I love your limerick - it gave me the first smile of my day. And it could be the only one the way this day is panning out, so I'm very grateful!

  10. I'm glad I cheered you up, Joanna, and I do hope your day improves.

  11. Love your limerick, Frances - and the photo!

  12. There is nothing awful about that. It made me laugh - that is well worth half a dozen literary prizes.

  13. Thanks, Rosemary. Magpie Tales is another wonderful way of not getting down to the WIP.

    Alan - half a dozen literary prizes will do nicely. Thank you!

  14. There was an old cat who was tabby
    His fur was remarkably shabby
    So I painted him white
    Made him stay in at night
    And now he’s not nearly so scabby

    There - I thought that one up in 2 minutes. Now you know what your trusted GP does in the surgery between seeing patients.

  15. Thanks, Author Doc, for your inspired contribution! And I know exactly what doctors get up to - we have four in the family (tho' I'm not sure whether any of them are into limericks. I'll have to ask).