Saturday 1 October 2011

Dealing with old clothes...

Well not that old, obviously. But I've been trying to sort out some of mine.

My problem is that most of my clothes are old, so what to get rid of? I decided to start with sweaters, but then found that I'd worn all of them at least once in the past year, so they don't qulify as chuckable. And the one hanging up in the wardrobe; the one the moths have been slowly nibbling away at for some time. That one poses just as much of a problem, because although it is now unwearable, if I remove it the moths might start on something else, whereas if I keep it as a kind of moth hatchery, they may confine their attentions to just that one (I never see the actual moths, so can't launch any kind of attack, and you can't hang up a mothball).

Then there's the awful dress I wore to no.1 son's wedding. It was so expensive...and yet I shall never wear it again (what was I thinking of?), and my old nurse's uniform (the old nurse being me) - will I ever need that again? Perhaps as a fancy dress? Probably not. And about a hundred pairs of tights with holes (but you can wear tham under jeans), and (talking of jeans) the ancient pair I remember being vomited over by a grandson as a baby (he's now nearly eight), but I love them and they're comfortable, and frayed jeans are ok nowadays...

I was going to revamp my wardrobe, but I've decided it's quite vamped enough for me, so I shall put everything back again. Till next time.


  1. I have a cunning way to deal with this problem - I wear the clothes down the allotment. They soon get into the kind of condition that makes the decision to chuck them an easy one.

  2. Oh yes, the "One Year Rule"! I apply that one as well - and it has actually happened to me that the next summer or winter or whatever season it was, I thought "why not wear that pair or trousers/skirt/blouse/top/sweater again?", only to find it had disappeared from my wardrobe and fallen victim to the One Year Rule and now it was two years since I last worn it and I would have liked to wear it again...
    Reg. anti moth strategy: I use little blocks of cedar wood. They can also be put into one of those little tulle sachets that people sell potpourris in, and hung from the clothes hanger.

  3. Patsy, I wear some thing when riding, and that helps to destroy them. Sadly, I don't have an allotment.

    Librarian, I still think the one year rule's a good idea. In theory...And I shall try to get bits of cedar wood, tho' it seems a waste not to let the moth-babies finish up that sweater. After all no-one else is going to want it!

  4. I have a couple of items I have never worn. One of them is two years old. But I occasionally look at it and think it might work. I haven't even tried it on yet. But I don't want to part with it.I like the feeling of something as yet unworn hanging there waiting for the right day. Meanwhile I keep on wearing the same few tried and tested garments I feel comfortable in. Perhaps when they fall apart, I'll be ready for the newer things.

  5. Just like a woman. A wardrobe full of clothes and 'nothing to wear.'

  6. Joanna, at least you want to wear them some time! I have several almost brand new Expensive Mistakes, and they sit smugly in the wardrobe daring me to throw thme out/give them away.

    A man called Valnece, you're right. It's a woman thing. You wouldn't understand.

  7. I have clothes in 4 different sizes in my wardrobe,