Saturday 22 October 2011

Gold by Dan Rhodes

I happened upon this novel quite by chance, while browsing in the library. I had never heard of either the novel or the writer, but this book has given me more sheer entertainment than many a worthier read.

It tells the story of Miyuki, a half-Japanese lesbian, who is on her annual fortnight's break from her partner, the wonderfully named Grindl. Much of the action - if you can call it that - takes place in the village pub, where Tall Mr. Hughes, Short Mr. Hughes and Mr. Puw are regulars, together with the rock band (who neither play nor practise) Septic Barry and The Children of Previous Relationships. Here, Miyuki observes them from her accustomed seat beneath the stuffed pike, joining in from time to time. Not a great deal happens, although Miyuki decides to paint a rock in one of the local coves gold (this doesn't go down too well) and eventually decides to cut short her visit.

I'm tryng to avoid that dreadful cliche "laugh out loud", but at one stage I was literally crying with laughter. The inconsequential nature of the novel reminds me very much of Magnus Mills, although I found this funnnier. Even if it doesn't make you laugh, it's an easy, fun read. If you haven't already, do give it a try.


  1. love dan rhodes! Try 'timoleon vieta come home' - Will Atkins recommended it to me, and it really did suit my sense of humour. I haven't read 'gold' - must get on it

  2. Aliya, I thought of you when I was reading it - I thought he would be up your street. And yes - I shall certainly read more of his stuff. Gold is the funniest book I've read in years.

  3. Oh, I want to read this book. Inconsequential novels are some of my favourite things!

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  4. I thought of Aliya too when I read this review. Shows there is a market for this sort of thing!

  5. Have you read it, Tim? John's now reading it, and his howls of mirth are very disturbing at night when I'm trying to read my (not funny at all) book.

  6. no, I'd not heard of it before. Will have to look into it!