Sunday 16 October 2011

My week-end

I've just returned from three days of helping with grandchildren while my lovely daughter-in-law was away. These are three wonderful and very naughty boys, including the disappearing 3-year-old George mentioned in a previous post (he did disappear. About fifteen times).


1. Finding the right children coming out of school. The school is huge, and the children stream out all looking much the same, and it's a bit like trying to collect your luggage off an airport carousel. You know it's there - it's got to be there - but on the other hand, it could be in Dubai. I nearly panicked, as one of them was the very last to emerge. Not in Dubai, then. Phew.

2. Seeing Joshua the guinea pig eating toast and marmalade and drinking tea (yes really. He takes one sugar) at breakfast.

3. Finding Goerge (about fifteen times).

4. Discovering that Freddy hadn't broken his arm (falling off the slide) after all.

5. Spending time with son when they were in bed.

Low points:

1. Losing George.

2. George managing to wipe William's homework from the computer.

3. Mealtimes (enough said).

4. Having to leave them, because they are funny and bright and excellent company, and I love them dearly.

I'm now going to lie down in a darkened room. I may be gone for some time.


  1. Sounds exhausting. Just the thought of looking after children for days on end is enough to send me in search of a darkened room.

  2. The joys of being a grandmother. You can take over for a few days and then escape back to peace and quiet.
    George sounds a wonderful character.

  3. Never mind stories about Titch (sorry, T), Frances - you should be writing about your wonderful grandchildren! Bet you need that rest.

  4. My two youngest grandchildren, aged 6 and 4, are coming to stay this weekend so I may soon be seeking a darkened room myself.

  5. Ah, this made me smile, Frances! I've got all this to look forward to ... So far we only usually look after Noah, who's 2 now, but with two new baby girls (and another one expected any day now!) - I see the future being very child-shaped! Losing one of them sounds terrifying, although it sounds like you're used to it with George!!

  6. It is, Patsy. It is (plus went out today on Titch, who was in a shocking mood). Darkened room beckons again.

    English Rider, you may well laugh!

    Lynne, George leads a charmed life. I fear for that child, I really do.

    Rosemary, looking after them is fine. Writing more about them would be stretching it!

    Gail, good luck!

    Olivia, boys are by far the worst (in my experience, as mother and grandmother). So keep a close eye on Noah!

  7. Sounds wonderful, Frances - I love how you've compared children coming out of school to luggage on an airport carousel! And that feeling when the one you're waiting for doesn't come out till last - phew!

  8. I'm not surprised that you need a lie down.

  9. Thanks, Teresa. I was certainly beginning to panic (although of course I knew he had to be there...well, probably).

    Thanks, Colette. They're coming to stay next week. The darkened room already beckons!