Monday 17 October 2011

Gift catalogues

It's that time of year again; catalogues full of silly "gifts".

It seems to me that a "gift" is something you don't need (or you'd already have it) or want (probably). These gifts are bought by the desperate, and received by the reluctant. The catalogue that arrived this morning is quite a classy one, and has some things that are not entirely useless, but oh dear...

There are, among other things: a Union Jack Worktop Saver; a Personalised Insulated Travel Coffee Cup; Leather Animal Doorstops; Rocking Glasses (the kind you drink out of. Hilarious, eh?); Glass Teapot; Flower Scissors (won't any scissors do?); plus the usual mugs and things with silly/amusing(?) things printed on them.

In conclusion, if it's marketed as a gift, avoid it. You don't need it or want it, and (probably) neither does the Oxfam shop (although I've lost count of the smelly candles and tiny little diaries they've had from me).


  1. I love a smelly candle and a teeny diary! I give them to people every year in the hope of getting them back and I never do *sulks*

  2. Make sure you hide it from your husband.

  3. My best friend has just moved from British Columbia to England, to retire on a narrow boat with her British-born husband. She and I were always able to exchange "gifts" of that sort because we knew one another's tastes so well. We'd helped one another move so often through the decades she could set up my rooms for me, even to hanging the pictures.
    I'm sure other people mean well when they give me such gifts, but they seldom get it right. You're so right, if I'd wanted those things, I'd have them.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. You're right - there is a lot of rubbish made, bought and gift wrapped.

    I have tried telling people not to get me anything as there's nothing I want - so they buy me something I don't.

  5. Aliya, you can have all mine after Christmas.

    Keith, husband knows better than that!

    Kay, you're lucky to have a friend who can get away with it!

    Patsy, try asking for Amazon tokens. That sometimes works.

  6. No prizes for guessing how many of those would top a 'just what I always wanted' list.

  7. Every year, I tell people who ask what I want for Christmas or my birthday that I do not want "THINGS". And my family are quite good about that by now, they have gotten used to giving me tokens or stuff that gets used up, such as nice scented body lotions, or a special (expensive) cooking oil etc. Chocolates are always welcome, too, and so are clothes - if I can choose them ;-)

  8. Oh yes the week after Christmas is a lot of fun when the unwanyed Christmas gifts start being donated.

  9. No, Valance, No prizes, I'm afraid.

    Librarian, you can count yourself lucky!

    Colette, perhaps an unwanted gifts exchange party would be a good idea?