Monday 3 October 2011

The travels of George

Apropos a comment by Jenny on my last post* (below), I am reminded of something that happened this week.

My three-year-old grandson, George, disappeared while his (other) grandmother was collecting him from nursery. There was a frantic fifteen-minute search before he reappeared.

It transpired that George (who I have to say is the most disappearing child I have ever come across) had absconded across a road, through a shopping centre and along a busy high street. There, he had entered a newagent's, filled the pockets of his dungarees with sweets, and returned. All by himself. And no-one seems to have noticed.

George is fine. Grandma is recovering. And I'm sorry to say, his parents (with the beneift of hindsight) are really rather proud of this display of enterprise.

*I should mention that George is not obese. He doesn't stand still for long enough.


  1. All the same, I think you will have to watch George....

  2. So the newsagent didn't notice, either? George isn't about to be arrested?
    My brother was like that when we were small. He'd take it in into his head to do something adventurous, and before anyone knew, he'd be gone, and then he'd be back, although not quite as quickly.
    When he was an infant, and I was 2, Mother put a leather harness with a leash on me while she carried the baby. It was made for toddlers, not for dogs, and doesn't seem to have done me any damage.
    I'm sure George could escape from something like that, so Other Grandma had better learn to hang on tight.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. Good grief it must have been terrifying! For the adults involved I mean - George was clearly enjoying himself!

  4. Yikes! I see an adventuring adult life along the lines of Bear Grylls/Ranulph Fiennes looming for young George! Glad I'm not his grandmother, I'd be having regular litters of kittens...

  5. BTW,Did he have any pocket money on him? :-)

    Poor other Grandma... Bet she thought Why me!

  6. We do, Jenny. Oh, we do. But he just vanishes. It really is uncanny.

    Kay, I think some kids just have the knack. At a recent family wedding, there was a constant chorus of "Where's George?"

    Hi, Teresa. Yes - I think poor Grandma was beside herself. I'm looking after him next week, and I think I shall tie him up.

    Alis, you may be right. Perhaps one day we'll all have occasion to be very proud. Just not yet!

    Jarmara, are you joking? This was shoplifting, not shopping!