Wednesday 5 October 2011

The full English

Las night we went away to a very pleasant hotel for John's birthday treat, and this morning I did it again. I succumbed to the full English breakfast.

Why, why, why do I do this? I know that it will make me feel full and lethargic for the rest of the day; I know it will probably put me off food for a week; I don't even really like it. Part of me would much rather have a boiled egg or the nice smoked haddock. But the main, greedy, stupid part wants that fry-up; knows that when it sees John's (he always has it) it will be jealous.

And then we compounded the problem by meeting a friend for lunch. And he insisted on taking us somewhere nice because of the birthday. Just four hours after the breakfast.

And after my rant about overweight kids, too.

I feel very ashamed.


  1. Oh well, you only live once! Cooked breakfasts are very tempting. Even though I don't eat meat I still love to have everything else, especially fried bread which must be one of the most calorific things on the plate!

    Good story in the latest Woman's Weekly Fiction Special, by the way - you were even mentioned on the cover!

  2. I do occasionally have bacon and egg for breakfast - usually a late breakfast on a day when I am going to be physically active and then I won't eat again until the evening. Surely it's a luxury we all deserve from time to time.

    And I've long been of the view that were my doctor to tell me that for every black pudding I eat I will knock 5 minutes of my life expectancy then, thank you very much, I'll stick with the black pudding.

  3. I sometimes have a cooked breakfast - but as breakfast and lunch combined. As you say, it can make you feel uncomfortable if you follow it too soon with another meal.

  4. Thanks, Joanne. Don't you just love the Big Name bit? As if...

    Author Doc, I'm delighted to be able to tell you that I did NOT eat the black pudding!

    Patsy - ah. Brunch, Now that's a much better idea.

  5. Yum yum! I love full English breakfast - despite the fact I never eat breakfast - yet will say 'nay' to the beans for, well, windy reasons! (I generally only consume a full English in cafe's at midday)- and rarely.

    I love a full English for the taste and indeed the sin of it - well programmed as in anti-frying - apart from the occasional egg and the healthy stir-fry.

    Agree with Author Doc in that for a slice of black pudding - I would happily reduce my life expectancy - for life is for living. The joy of a bacon and black pudding sarnie (butter drooling down your chin) is one of the reasons for our existence - if God does indeed exist - I am nearer to Him at this moment.

    Anna o]

  6. Why? Because it's on a par with, well, a few other things that make life extraordinarily worthwhile.

  7. I love a full English - specially one that I haven't cooked myself.

  8. I always have a hearty breakfast when staying in a Uk hotel or B&B - that's part of the attraction. But i don't think I could do that lunch afterwards!

    Glad Joanne mentioned your story as I haven't got that issue yet!

  9. My husband works away from home three days a week and he eventually had to give up the hotel cooked breakfasts. Too much of a good thing in his case. Now he makes do with a croissant.

    But, as an occasional treat, I'm sure it's good for you to have it.

  10. I don't do full english ever all that fried food first thing in the morning.... Never!

    I must buy woman's Weekly Fiction... Name dropper everytime me.

  11. Anna, I'm afriad it's the IDEA of black pudding. Oh - and the texture. Shudder.

    But Deborah, it never is worthwhile. I still feel full!

    Colette, that is a very good point.

    Rosemary, that story is NOT one of my best! The best are the ones they rejected..

    Joanna, after yesterday, a croissant sounds lovely!

    Jarmar, I wish I had your good sense. But the fried breakfast on the other side of the fence is always sooo tempting...

  12. You shouldn't feel ashamed. A full English is a pleasure. I personally like mine with Clonakilty black pudding. Here's my review:

  13. Thank you for that, Matthew! Tho' I'm not sure anyone could convert me to black pudding. It's probably due to being brought up in the South...