Wednesday 19 October 2011

Horse diaries - the beginning of the end?

Titch was in an appalling mood this morning, skulking at the back of his box, then trying to chuck his rug over the barrier into his nieghbour's box. You get the picture.

Me: Titch, we need to talk.
Titch: Humph.
Me: No, really.
Titch (flicking an ear): I'm listening.
Me: This isn't easy, but I'll give it to you straight. I may have to let you go.
Titch (flinching): Not...not...the vet with the... you know...?
Me: Of course not! I'm talking about a new home.
Titch (munching hay): Oh. That's okay, then.
Me: You don't mind?
Titch: Will I be fed? Will I still get three meals a day?
Me: Of course you will.
Titch: I'm cool with that. Will you tell my new owners about my grandfather? Will they know who I am?
Me: It'll all be on your papers.
Titch: Papers, eh? That's good.(Pauses). Not crying, are you?
Me: Of course not. Something in my eye.

Horses can be very heartless sometimes.


  1. A heartbreaking decision, not as bad as the vet and the you-know, but it can feel almost as awful.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Aaaw. Bet he would miss you more than he's letting on.

    I know it must be a very hard decision for you.

  3. Thanks, everyone, The problem is twofold; time and expense. To justify having Titch, I have to ride him more than I really have time for. Horses are hideously expensive to keep; the shoes alone are exorbitant. I have a sharer who pays half, but it's still a lot. I love Titch dearly. He's sometimes awkward, and a terrible snob (you should hear his opinion of polo ponies), but he's very beautiful, and has the most kissable nose...("Aaaah, geddaway!" says Titch).

    My jury is out at the moment. Watch this space!

  4. Sometimes all we can do is live in the moment, that's what our animals do and it serves them well.

  5. If it is good for Titch, then whichever way the decision goes will be good.

  6. English Rider, you're right, of course. Somtimes I think being an animal is a lot easier!

    Librarian, thanks. It's a decision I've been putting off for ages...

  7. Oh no. Do you really have to let him go? I couldn't bear the thought of having to sell, or give away, one of our horses (yes, Willem is one of them). I could cry just thinking about that. Fortunately I'm in the position that I don't have to think about it. I'm so sorry for you. Must be very tough.