Friday 7 October 2011

Nose jobs moving up the charts...

I'm still fascinated by the popularity of some posts, and while horses and ping pong didn't really do the business (sorry, Aliya), R for Rhinoplasty now stands at all-time 5th favourite (In Love with a Horse is still way ahead in first place).

So - nose jobs are where it (or some of it) is all happening, folks. I just hope those who looked up my post weren't too disappointed (they might have been hoping for some kind of bargain. A BOGOF perhaps).

What are your most popular posts?


  1. I received the largest number of comments (50) on a post of photos of Mediterranean sunsets, followed somewhat closely by 47 comments on a photo of my husband's old cat Igor (he lived to be 20) playing with a Newton's Cradle. I wonder what Igor would have thought of this animated one I found on Wikipedia.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. While I have not checked which of my posts has the most comments, I know which one has the most views:
    In this one, I give a brief overview of my dashboard, describing what kinds of blogs I am following. There have been a few additions since (for instance, your blog), so maybe I could do an update.
    That is followed by something I wrote about the four advent Sundays. Maybe the title "The First Of Four" was intriguing to some people.

  3. Mediterranean sunsets sound wonderful, Kay! And I guess animals are always a safe bet, especially for the British.

    LIbrarian, I was referring to hits rather than comments. Oddly, the posts with the largest number of hits seem to have to fewest comments. As for your findings, I imagine that everyone loves a secret!

  4. Frances, I'm becoming concerned with your preoccupation with stats. Surely you know we like you and all your posts? To prove it, I'm awarding you the friendly blogger award.

  5. Patsy, it's not preoccupation so much as fascination (ie why certain topics attract attention) plus a desperate attempt to avoid the new WIP which agent says needs a "dark secret", and I don't know much about dark secrets (any ideas very welcome). I KNOW everyone loves - ok, likes - me!

    Thank you very much for the award!

  6. That's a strange one to be at the top, Frances. I always forget to look at stats so as you reminded me, I had a look at my reading and writing blog.

    The most page views seem to be for Ireland's own and Victoria Holt, but one that has lots of comments is the day after the launch and related posts. Interesting to see the difference between page views and comments on some posts.

  7. Rosemary's right about the difference between views and comments. The most looked at posts for my blog don't have the most comments. I suppose people come looking for something they don't find, so they're quickly off again.

  8. Hmm, I ain't sure, but I'm sorely tempted to go write something called 'In love with a horse's nose job.'

  9. Rosemary (and Patsy) - I don't think there's any rhyme or reason with stats, so I shall cease my stats-watching.

    Go on, man called Valance. Give it a try.

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