Thursday 8 December 2011

Christmas shopping? Help is at hand

I bet you can't guess what this is. Well, I'll tell you. It's a "balance ball chair"; a chair which is supposed to keep you fit while you sit, because if you don't make all your muscles totally rigid, you'll fall off (well, I think that's the idea). And it's one of the magnificent suggestions offered by The Times (yes. The Times again) for those who are stuck for Christmas presents to buy.

And that's not all. There are (among other things) a make-your-own-birdbox kit, complete with old comics to stick all over it (and no doubt frighten the birds away); an inflatable roller ball in which you can "roll around the house" (we have a lot of stairs, so to anyone thinking of buying one for me, no thanks); a Japanese bicycle bell; a snowflake pan which imprints all your pancakes with snowflake designs and a Damien Hirst Spot clock. This last is a round white clock, with what look like children's poster paints all round the edge instead of numbers. Round coloured dots. Clever, eh? And signed by Damien himself. A bargain at £305.

And to think I've already done most of my shopping. Damn.


  1. I like the idea of snowflake pancakes. If I were to cook them often enough to justify a special pan though I'd be needing that chair.

  2. Like Patsy, I'd go for the snowflake pan! (I already own a Hello Kitty toaster which "prints" a Hello Kitty face on each slice of toast - last year's Christmas present from my sister, and I really did need a toaster because my old one was knackered) Now I'm all intrigued by something that allows you to "roll around the house", I have no idea how that should work in any normal family home for any normal sized person!

  3. I certainly wouldn't go for the chair. I'd be falling all over the keyboard. Tried a very expensive cushion once, reckoned to ease back ahces and recommended by a top woman's magazine. It was agony!

  4. I did find myself wondering whether to order my middle daughter a 'lipstick' especially designed for writing messages on mirrors - and it can easily be removed afterwards.
    But then I saw her room (purely by accident, I wouldn't normally punish myself like that) and realised she was happily doing just that with real lipstick anyway.
    And eye-liner.

    Much more fun, I suspect!

  5. Patsy, I wouldn't go near that chair - unless you want to end up in the kind with wheels.

    Librarian, yes. Puzzling, isnt' it.

    Lynne, I've got an "orthopaedic cushion, because I broke my back (as you do), and it's wonderful. Perhaps yours was a different kind? Mine is (stands up to inspect underside of ccushion) a "Putmans Wedge". Posh, eh?

    Joanna, tell her to write on the back of her hand. The main advantage of this is that your hand - unlike, lists, mirrors etc, and barring a tragic accident - is always with you.

  6. Does anyone actually go out and buy any of these presents? A Japanese bicycle bell to attach to my shopping trolley - now that's an idea.

  7. Maggie May, it's not too late to put it on your Christmas list!

    Colette, I think that's the whole point!

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