Thursday 22 December 2011

The horse diaries - end in sight

Me (nonchalantly, because a panicking horse is not to be trifled with): I've had an offer for you.
Titch: (speaking with his mouth full): Oh? (no panic, then) How much?
I tell him.
Titch: WHAT!!!??? I was sold for ten times that only a few years ago.
Me: Well, you were probably worth ten times more then.
Titch: I'm much more mature now.
Me: No you're not. You know perfectly well you're not.
Titch: How about stud? I'd enjoy that.
Me: Titch, we've discussed that before. You know you can''ve know... that little operation?
Titch: You can be very cruel sometimes.
Me; You're in good comany. All your neighbours have been...done.
Titch: But I'm well bred!
Me: So are lots of them. You just weren't very successful.
Titch: I bet you haven't had any operations like that. I bet you've had foals. You have, haven't you?
Me: Well, in a manner of speaking, I suppose I have.
Titch: Are you well bred?
Me: Not really.
Titch: Did your grandfather win all his races?
Me: I'm not sure my grandfather did a lot of running.
Titch: Well, then. (Munch.) I'll have another of those carrots, if it's not too much to ask.

Sarcasm doesn't suit him, but I let it pass. The offer stands, and I'm trying to decide whether to accept it. This whole situation is very painful. Titch can be a bugger, but I do love him.


  1. Oh Frances, He'll been like baby Jesus in a new stable before Christmas. I'm sure you'll do the right thing for Titch.

    Best wishes to you both.

    I'm sure your grandfather ran fast enough to let your grandmother win his heart. :-)

  2. We are all going to miss Titch and your conversations with him - not as much as you, of course...

    But he'll be happy in his new stable, you will make sure of that.

  3. Poor you, Frances (and poor Titch, obviously) I don't envy you having to make this decision...

  4. An incredibly difficult decision.

  5. However hard it is, you will make the right decision, but I'll miss him very much.

  6. Have you seen the prospective new owners ride Titch? Do you feel good about the way they handle him? That would be a big part of the process for me. Also, what are you giving up? Are you planning to never ride again? Is riding and visiting the stable a big chunk of your social world?

  7. Thanks, Jarmara (tho' my grandmother was too.. er ...stout to run at all, at least by the time I knew her!).

    Thank you, Librarian.

    Alis - it's horrible. I keep vaccilating...

    Patsy, you're so right.

    You too, Kay!

    Joanna, I wish I was that sure!

    English Rider, you really do understand (perhaps it takes one to know one). "Riding and visiting the stable" are a huge part of my life, and you've really got me worried now! If the current prospective buyer has him he won't be moving, but...oh... I don't know...

  8. Can you afford to keep him and let a young rider with potential be your protege/ part lease? You'd keep your connection and raison d'etre and see Titch work towards his potential. You could still be involved.

  9. Titch sounds very dear to your heart. English Rider is making sense.

  10. English Rider, you are much more sensible than I am.

    Maggie May, he is. Oh, he is.

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