Wednesday 7 December 2011

Horse Diaries - the beginning of the end

Titch is doing that coy thing he does; not quite lookng me in the eye, but hoping for a treat. I give him a carrot.

Me: Titch, it's crunch time.
Titch: Only way to eat a carrot. You should try it.
Me: I'm not talking about carrots. I'm talking about you.
Titch: Oh yes?
Me; I really am going to have to let you go. I've thought and thought, and it's crazy that someone of my age is careering round the countryside on a mad thoroughbred.
Titch (bridling - no pun intended): I'm not mad!
Me: Yes you are. We both know you are.
Titch: I'm just highly-strung.
Me: That too.
Titch: Oh. (Further crunching). What will you do with me?
Me: Well, there's someone interested in you. Nice poeple, and they hunt with the Beaufort.
Titch(brightening): The Beaufort, eh? My grandfather...
Me: Yes, yes. We all know about your grandfather. But this sounds just the place for someone like you.
Titch: Plenty of food? Carrots? That kind of thing?
Me: I'm sure there will be. So when they come to see you, you must behave nicely. None of that ridiculous leaping about, no spooking, and don't push them around asking for treats.
Titch: Moi? Leaping about? Never!
Me: That's the spirit. (I stroke his nose).I'll miss you.
Titch: Of course you will. Got any more carrots?

Animals can be very unfeeling sometimes.


  1. Any chance you are still going to see him every now and then when/if he's gone to the nice people?

    Years ago, my husband and I wanted to provide our cat with a comrade and took a second cat in. We shouldn't have. She hated the sight of him, although he was perfectly sweet, not in the least aggressive towards her, and all. Still, we had to let him go after a few weeks of trial - and I know the people we gave him to, he went to a wonderful new home with them, and he'd only been with us a few weeks, but still...

  2. Pragmatism is no fun! Although it does sound like a great potential home.

  3. It will be sad to say goodbye, but it is for all the right reasons. He has had a great life with you and you are giving him a very secure and happy future too. He is blessed.

  4. Hope you both readjust very quickly, Frances. We'll miss him too.

  5. I do hpe you find another horse to converse with, Frances. I love being the fly on the, er, withers here.
    Sounds like a sensible decision, but I would think it hasn't been an easy one.

  6. ahh, I'm so sorry you've had to make such a hard decision, Frances, but it's the right one. I had to do it with my lovely dog Annie. She was a rescue dog and I felt I was let her down again. It was tough, but I had to go back to work and she was alone in the house all day. In the end it took me another year and a lot of heart break to see I was being selfish by not put her first. She went to a lovely home where she had other doggie friends and they all went out for long walks every day. I felt I was giving up my little girl and my son was losing his four legged sister, but in the end it was the right thing for Annie.

  7. Thanks so much, everyone, for the kind messages. I think it's the right thing to do, before I/we have a serious accident. But he hasn't gone yet, and it's not a good time to sell a horse ("humph!" says Titch. "Do they know who I am?"). So we may well still be together this time next year. I'll still ride, but probably a riding school one with more sense (this in a whisper, in case he's listening). He's beautiful, and I love him dearly, but he needs a young, competitive rider ("that's more like it!" says he) who will realise his potential.

    The end of an era. Maybe...

    PS Any takers? Really fair price to excellent (and classy!) home.

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  9. Were I 15 again, I would be in agony over not being able to take your up on your offer.

  10. Yes, you can't let Titch go until you find the most perfect home for him - and this must take (a lot of) time, surely? ;) At least I hope it does...

  11. bbI'll really miss your wonderful horse diaries. I do hope it's a "long begining"

  12. PS Sorry about the mistake at the begining. My hand slipped